1834 Le Gros map of St Helier in detail

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The map of the town of St Helier produced by Elias Le Gros was more meticulous than anything previously seen, and it would be a long time before the town would again be recorded in such detail. It claimed to record every property in urban St Helier, from West Park in the west to Georgetown in the east; the Harbour and La Collette in the south to the fields and meadows bounded by Rouge Bouillon and St Saviour's Road in the north. We are hoping to secure a full set of enlargements of each sector of the map, to complement those shown below. The map was reproduced by La Société Jersiaise in 1978 from the original plates, and copies are on sale through their bookshop for £50. An original map will set you back anything from 1200 US dollars to £5000, depending on condition
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