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Ahier family page

This name can be traced back in Jersey records to the early 14th century. It is one of the oldest Jersey surnames and there are upwards of 25 Ahier households in Jersey today


An Ahier family portrait

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The Ahier sepulchre in St Martin's Churchyard

Origin of Surname

The family name is thought to derive from a Christian name, formerly Aier or Aye. In the north-east of France it is believed to come from the Germanic personal name Athier, Hatie.

Early records

The birth of a Martin Ahier is recorded in Jersey in 1380. The name is found in the Extente of 1331 and the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains four Ahiers.

Barthelemy Ahier, born in St Saviour in about 1500, married Regnaulde Bisson. Girette Ahier, who married George Poingdestre, is believed to have been born between 1460 and 1480


  • Ahier
  • Aye
  • Ayen 1340
  • Ayer, 1292
  • Haiher 1309

Family records


Family trees

All these trees were first added to the site in 2011 and 2012, before we had church records available to check against. We are now starting to produce newly researched trees which will either confirm the details in the earlier trees or identify errors. That process will take some time, and until we can confirm that all descendancies in the earlier trees have been checked, the two sets of trees should be consulted by researchers into the Ahier family

Newly researched trees These trees represent our best efforts to make sense of the confused Ahier ancestry in the 17th century. Individuals of the same name and roughly the same year of birth appear in different online trees and are missing from church records. A number of the trees have notes questioning some relationships and links to other trees, and these should be studied carefully. Researchers will also notice continuing work on some of the trees, and the resolution of some earlier problems. We wish Ahier researchers good luck and suggest that they examine every available resource before settling on their best guess at their own family trees.


Ahier baptism records


Hospital baptisms


Biographies and family histories


Maritime service


Great War service


Occupation records


Family wills


Burial records

Family businesses

Ahier family album

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Travel permit

A 1945 travel permit allowing Laura Lawford, nee Ahier, to return to Jersey

Ahier family gravestones

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