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Alexandre family page

Alexandre and Alexander are variants, and the two spellings have been interchangeable within the same families. The English 'Alexander' is found in Jersey records somewhat earlier than the French 'Alexandre'


Capt Charles Alexandre, photographed by Henry Mullins

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Origin of Surname

The family name derives from the baptismal name, made fashionable in the Middle Ages by the Roman d'Alexandre, describing the exploits of the Greek conqueror.

In 1309, Geoffrey Alexandre was one of the Electors of the Sermentés (Jurors) of St Clement, for the Assizes Roll and was still alive at the time of the 1331 Extente. The latter Extente also mentions Colin Alexandre of St Brelade, with which parish the surname has long been associated. That of 1528, mentions in St Clement, Denis and Guillaume Alexandre; in St Brelade, the forfeiture of John Alexandre; in St Peter, another Guillaume Alexandre, together with Jehanet and Pierres Alexandre. Lastly, owing the Crown in 1528 1 cabot of wheat per annum in St Saviour, was John Alexandre, perhaps he of Grouville, whose family land adjoined St Saviour. The surname was thus well-established at an early date in the Island, where it was probably formed.

Although the St Clement Alexandres had still one member mentioned in the 1607 Extente, the surname disappeared there not long afterwards and before the start of that parish`s earliest registers (1623). The Alexandres of St Brelade and St Peter, whose principal representatives were later found to have been living, from an early date, within half a mile of each other, near the two parishes` border, are thus likely to have been the progenitors of all later indigenous Alexandres, although a link with those of Trinity has yet to be discovered. It should be mentioned that one Alexandre family, that lived for many generations from the late-18th century in St Ouen, was in fact of English origin, with the first settlers in Jersey spelling their name Alexander. It did not take long for their name to be rendered Alexandre!

Brelade Alexandre was Connétable of the parish that gave him his name, -1527- ; indeed, he is the earliest known Connétable of that parish. In 1903-1910-, Josué Alexandre was likewise Connétable of the parish. The family also gave to St Brelade a rector, in the person of Nicolas Alexandre, 1554-65, who was son of the above Brelade. A less successful relative was the rector`s brother, Sebastien Alexandre, who was convicted of piracy! Francis John Alexandre of St Peter served his parish as a Deputy, 1893-, whilst the Island`s first printer was Matthieu Alexandre of Les Ormes, St Brelade, (1754-1808).

Early records

Four members of the family are in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 and the name appears in the Extente of 1309.

  • Jean Alexandre, born in Grouville in about 1532, married Collette Amy, daughter of Philippe and Collette Esthur, in 1551.
  • Jean Alexandre (1575- ) m Anne De Garis (1579- ) and they had a daughter Jeanne in 1601, who marred Richard Pipon
  • Philippe Alexandre, born in St Peter in 1619, married Elizabeth Le Febvre
  • Thomas Alexandre, born in St Brelade in 1622, married Jeanne Le Fevre (1626- ) in 1647
  • Josue Alexandre, s of Renault, born in Trinity in 1635, married Sara Noel (1639- ), d of Jean, in 1660
  • Amice Alexandre (1684- ) married Margaret Hamptonne, daughter of John and Elizabeth Anley
  • Thomas, s of Thomas, was born in 1652 and married Elizabeth Le Cornu (1656- ) in 1677. They had children Thomas (1678- ) and Susanne (1683- )


  • The baptism of Anne Alexandre, who married Guillaume de la Mare in 1552, is recorded in St Saviour, Guernsey, in 1531. She was the daughter of Thomas Alexandre.


  • Alexandre, 1461
  • a Loxandre 1692
  • Alixandre 1331
  • Allisandre 1309
  • Alexander 1299

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These three trees, added in 2018 by Guy Dixon, are much more detailed than our earlier Alexandre trees and, based on years research, are recommended to our users as the best starting point for research into this family.


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All we know about this photograph is that it shows Mr Voisin, Mr Alexandre and Mr Hacquoil with their cows - date and location in Jersey unknown
National Portrait Gallery photograph of Brigadier Sir William Alexander (1874-1954) in 1920. He was a distinguished Army officer, earning the DSO, and became a Scottish Unionist Party politician and was MP for Glasgow Central from 1923 to 1945. This was the seat previously held by Prime Minister Andrew Bonar Law.

Alexandre family gravestones

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