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Descendants of Jean Alexandre


This tree of the Alexandre family of Grouville, St Saviour and St Helier was added in 2018 by Guy Dixon. It brings together a number of existing trees for the family

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  • 1 Jean Alexandre (1465- ) (Gr) [1] m Magdeleine Grault daughter of Johannis [2]
    • 2 Jean Alexandre (1495-1575) [3] m unknown
      • 3 Daughter Alexandre (1525- ) [4] m Jean Le Neveu
      • 3 Richard Alexandre (1530- ) [5] m Unknown Payn, daughter of Jean
        • 4 Jean Alexandre (1560-1604) [6] m Catherine du Parcq daughter of William, son of Jean, son of Bernabé and Jeanne Hicques
          • 5 Elizabeth Alexandre (1591- ) (Gr) m (1607, Gr) Jean Amy son of Philippe [7]
          • 5 Jean Alexandre (1594- ) (Gr)
          • 5 Susanne Alexandre (1595- ) (Gr) m (1622) Jean Regnault
          • 5 Richard Alexandre (1601-1634) (Gr) m (1620, St S) Catherine Anthoine ( -1634) daughter of Etienne and Collette Falle
            • 6 Collette Alexandre (1621- ) (Gr)
            • 6 Marthe Alexandre (1623-1623) (Gr)
            • 6 Marguerite Alexandre ( -1623) (Gr)
            • 6 Richard Alexandre (1624-1666) (Gr) m (1653, St C) Susanne Alexandre (1628-1689) daughter of Bernabé and Sara Horman
              • 7 Susanne Alexandre (1655- ) (Gr)
              • 7 Catherine Alexandre (1657-1680) (Gr)
              • 7 Richard Alexandre (1659-1660) (Gr)
              • 7 Richard Alexandre (1660-1725) (Gr) [8] m (1692, Gr) Susanne Roissier daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Hamon
                • 8 Richard Alexandre (1693- ) (Gr) [9]
                • 8 Jean Alexandre (1694- ) (Gr)
                • 8 Clément Alexandre (1696- ) (Gr)
                • 8 Susanne Alexandre (1699-1733) (Gr) m (1731, Gr) Richard Payn [10]
                • 8 Rachel Alexandre (1701- ) (Gr) [11]
                • 8 Bernabé Alexandre (1702-1748) (Gr) [12] m (1736, St C) Catherine Godfray of St Clement [13]
                • 8 Martin Alexandre (1705- ) (Gr) [14]
                • 8 Elizabeth Alexandre (1709- ) (Gr) [15] m 1 Jean Roissier; 2 (1746, St Mt) [16] Nicolas Anthoine of St Saviour
                • 8 Judith Alexandre (1713- ) (Gr) m (1739, St Mt) Jean Mattingley of Grouville
              • 7 Jean Alexandre (1663- ) (Gr) [17] m (1704, Tr) Jeanne Le Gallais ( -1715)
                • 8 Jean Alexandre (1705- ) (Tr) m (1738, Tr) Anne Esnouf daughter of Abraham and Rachel Coutanche
                  • 9 Jean Alexandre (1739-1750) (Tr)
                  • 9 Anne Alexandre (1740- ) (Tr) m (1776, Tr) Jacques Binet son of Jacques, of Trinity
                  • 9 Marie Alexandre (1743-liv 1784) (Tr) m George Touzel [18]
                  • 9 Abraham Alexandre (1745-1781) (Tr) [19] m (1779, Tr) Elizabeth Le Gros of St Peter
                  • 9 Jeanne Alexandre (1748- ) (Tr) living 1784
                  • 9 Esther Alexandre (1751-1823) (Tr) m (1781, St S) Jean Richardson of St Helier
                  • 9 Jean Alexandre (1755- ) (Tr) m (1783, Tr) Susanne de Ste Croix (1756-1811) daughter of Charles and Magdeleine Elizabeth Lempriere (St H)
                    • 10 Susanne Alexandre (1784-1785) (Tr)
                    • 10 Magdeleine Alexandre (1786-1788) (Tr)
                    • 10 Anne Alexandre (1789-1795) (Tr)
                    • 10 Charles Alexandre (1791-1795) (Tr)
                  • 9 Susanne Alexandre (1758-1805) (Tr) [21]
                • 8 François Alexandre (1708-1748) (Tr) [22] m (1733, St S) Marie Chevalier
                  • 9 Deborah Alexandre (1733-1733) (St H)
                  • 9 Marie Alexandre (1734- ) (St H)
                  • 9 Jean Alexandre (1737-1743) (St H)
                  • 9 Anne Alexandre (1739-1743) (St H)
                  • 9 Benjamin Alexandre (1741-1750) (St H)
                  • 9 Jean Alexandre (1744- ) (St H) [23]
                  • 9 François Alexandre (1746- ) (St H)
                • 8 Rachel Alexandre (?1709- ) (Tr) [24] m Jean Lemprière of St Helier and then of Trinity
                • 8 Jeanne Alexandre (1711- ) (Tr) [25]
              • 7 Bernabé Alexandre (1665-1750) (Gr)
              • 7 Sara Alexandre (1667-1712) (Gr) m (1695, St C) Jean Touzel of St Clement
            • 6 Jean Alexandre (1627?-1675) (Gr) of Mont au Prêtre, St Helier (1654) m (1653, St H) Marie Romeril (St H) daughter and heir of Jean, son of Jean, son of Servais
              • 7 Richard Alexandre (1654-1730) (St H) [26] m (1688, St H) Sara Le Sueur ( -1706) daughter of Jean and Sara Nicolle, of Trinity
                • 8 Marie Alexandre (1689- ) (St H) [27]
                • 8 Susanne Alexandre (1690- ) (St H)
                • 8 Richard Alexandre (1691-1696) (St H)
                • 8 Jeanne Alexandre (1694- ) (St H) [28]
                • 8 Jean Alexandre (1696-1742) (St H) m (1726, St H) Collette Giffard
                  • 9 Jean Alexandre (1730- ) (St H) m (1769, St H) Jeanne Poingdestre ( -1829) [29]
                    • 10 Jeanne Alexandre (1771- ) (St H)
                    • 10 François Alexandre (1773- ) (St H) [30]
                    • 10 Philippe Alexandre (1775- ) (St H)
                    • 10 Matthieu Alexandre (1777-1778) (St H)
                    • 10 Richard Alexandre (1779- ) (St H) [31]
                    • 10 Edouard Alexandre (1780-1860) (St H) [32] m Anne Le Montais
                      • 11 Edouard Matthieu Alexandre (1806- ) (St H)
                      • 11 George Alexandre (1807- ) (St H) [33] m (1837, St H) Margaret Burt
                        • 12 Anne Eliza Alexandre (1838- ) (St H) [34]
                        • 12 George Henry Alexandre (1840- ) (St H)
                        • 12 Edouard Alexandre (1844- ) (St H)
                      • 11 Elie Alexandre (1809-1882) (St H) Painter [35] m (1832, St S) Susanne Canivet ( -1884) [36]
                        • 12 Elizabeth Susanne Alexandre (1833- ) (St H) m 1 (1855,St H) George Henry Harding, Mariner; 2 (1862, St S) Joseph Bonear [37]
                        • 12 Elie Edouard Alexandre (1839-1840) (St H) [38]
                      • 11 Philippe Alexandre (1812- ) (St H) m (1831, St S) Ann Elizabeth Fowler
                        • 12 Ann Jane Alexandre (1832- ) (St H)
                        • 12 Jane Alexandre (1833- ) (St H)
                        • 12 Adelina Alexandre (1835- ) (St H)
                        • 12 Philip Fowler Alexandre (1837-1837) (St H)
                        • 12 Eliza Alexandre (1838- ) (St H)
                      • 11 Jean Alexandre (1814-1815) (St H)
                      • 11 Jean Alexandre (1816-1818) (St H)
                      • 11 François Alexandre (1818- ) (St H)
                      • 11 Charles Alexandre (1822-1823) (St H)
                      • 11 Ann Caroline Alexandre (1824-1865) (St H) m 1 (1846, St S) Joshua Falle, [39]; 2 (1858, St H) Nicolas Remy
                    • 10 George Alexandre (1783- ) (St H)
                    • 10 Elie Henry Alexandre (1785- ) (St H) m (1810, St H) Elizabeth Carre (Gsy) daughter of Thomas
                      • 11 Elie Thomas Alexandre (1812-1814) (St H) [40]
                      • 11 Jean Alexandre (1813- ) (St H)
                      • 11 Elie Alexandre (1815- ) (St H)
                      • 11 Betsy Jane Alexandre (1817- ) (St H)
                  • 9 Richard Alexandre (1732-1805) (St H) [41] m (1767, St H) Esther Nicolle
                  • 9 Elizabeth Alexandre (1736- ) (St H) [42]
                  • 9 Susanne Alexandre (1743-1830) (St H) [43]
                • 8 Philippe Alexandre (1698- ) (St H) died without issue
                • 8 Richard Alexandre (1701-1702) (St H)
                • 8 Richard Alexandre (1703- ) (St H) [44]
                • 8 Jacques Alexandre (1704?-1771) (St H) died in Boston, America [45]
                • 8 François Alexandre (1706-1748) (St H) m (1734, Tr) Susanne Richardson
                  • 9 Elizabeth Alexandre (1735-1791) (St H) m (1757, St Mt) Pierre Poingdestre [46] (St H)
                  • 9 François Alexandre (1736-1737) (St H)
                  • 9 François Alexandre (1740-liv 1722) (St H)
                  • 9 Jean Alexandre (1743-1821) (St H) [47] m (1766, St H) Elizabeth Le Boutillier ( -1816) [48] daughter of Philippe and Madeleine, nee de Ste Croix
                    • 10 Elizabeth Alexandre (1768-1771) (St H)
                    • 10 Elizabeth Alexandre (1772-1775) (St H) [49]
                  • 9 Susanne Alexandre (1746-1816) (St H)
              • 7 Marie Alexandre (1658- ) (St H) [50] m (1692, St S) François Romeril [51]
              • 7 Jean Alexandre (1663-1740) (St H) [52] m (1683, St S) Marthe Chevalier ( -1730) [53] daughter and co-heir of Clement, of St Helier [54]
                • 8 Marthe Alexandre (1684- ) (St H) [55]
                • 8 Marguerite Alexandre (1684-1764) (St H) sole heiress [56] m (1723, Tr) Jean Le Cras
              • 7 Jeanne Alexandre (1666-1684) (St H) [57]
            • 6 Jacques Alexandre (1631- ) of Grouville m (1665, Gr) Jeanne Aubin [58]
              • 7 Jeanne Alexandre (12/1665- ) (Gr) m François Amy [59]
            • 6 Etienne Alexandre (1634- ) (Gr)
        • 4 Guillemine Alexandre (1560-1621) (Gr) m (1599, Gr) Lucas de Rue [60]
      • 3 Jean Alexandre (1530- ) (Gr) m Collette Amy [61] daughter of Philippe, [62] and Collette Estur, daughter of Jean
        • 4 Thomas Alexandre (1555?-1615) (Gr) [63] m 1 Michelle unknown ( -1594); 2 (October 1594, St S) Katherine Pinel
          • 5 Thomas Alexandre (1585- ) (Gr)
          • 5 Jacques Alexandre (1588- ) (Gr)
          • 5 Matthieu Alexandre (1594-1594) (Gr)
        • 4 Jean Alexandre (1560?-1642) (Gr) [64] m (1594, St S) Marie de Rue (1575- ) daughter of Jean, son of Jean, son of Guille, and Katherine Pinel
          • 5 Bernabé Alexandre (1596- ) (Gr) [65] m (1622, Gr) Sara Horman
            • 6 Jean Alexandre (1624-1683) (Gr) [66] m (1666, Gr) Marie Payn daughter of Thomas and Marie Morel [67]
              • 7 Jean Alexandre (1667-1734) (Gr) [68]
              • 7 Sara Alexandre ( -1734) (Gr) m (1691, St C) Henry Le Feuvre [69]
              • 7 Marie Alexandre (1672- ) (St S) [70] m (1701, Gr) Jean Mattingley
              • 7 Bernabé Alexandre (1676- ) (Gr) m Jeanne Bertram daughter of Elie, of Grouville
                • 8 Jeanne Alexandre (1699-1704) (Gr)
                • 8 Jeanne Alexandre (1705- ) (Gr)
              • 7 Richard Alexandre (1680-1727) of St Saviour [71] m (1705, St Mt) Rachel Le Gros
                • 8 Richard Alexandre (1709-1710) (St S)
                • 8 Jeanne Alexandre (1711- ) (St S) m (1729, Gr) Jean Ydam [72]
                • 8 Anne Alexandre (1714-1716) (St S)
                • 8 Anne Alexandre (1718-1724) (St S)
                • 8 Esther Alexandre (1722- ) (St S) m (1743, Gr) Jean Mattingley [73]
                • 8 Magdeleine Alexandre (1725-1726) (St S)
            • 6 Susanne Alexandre (1628- ) (Gr) m (1653, St C) Richard Alexandre son of Richard [74]
            • 6 Michelle Alexandre (1630-1699) (Gr) m (1668, Gr) Thomas Horman
            • 6 Bernabé Alexandre (1634-1669) (Gr) [75] m Pauline Gavey (1633-1676) daughter of Gédéon, of St Saviour and Marie Le Sueur, daughter of Clément, son of Gilles, of Trinity [76]
              • 7 Jean Alexandre (1660-1737) (St S) [77] m (1688, St S) Pauline (Apolline) Ahier (1659-1705) daughter of Gédéon, of Rue du Froid Vent, St Saviour and Pauline Buesnel, daughter of Clement and Marie Estur
                • 8 Jean Alexandre (1689-1741) (St S) of Longueville m Ann Gavey (1675-1729) [78] daughter of Jean and Sara Le Sueur
                  • 9 Anne Alexandre (1712-1796) (St S) m (1741, St H) Abraham Le Geyt of Pigneaux [79]
                  • 9 Jean Alexandre (1715-1804) (St S) m (1744, St H) Marie Aubin ( -1759) [80]
                    • 10 Marie Alexandre (1745-1800) (St S) m (1775, St H) Jean Romeril
                    • 10 Catherine Alexandre (1747-1825) (St S) m (1772, St H) Edouard Vaudin of Bagot [81]
                    • 10 Jean Alexandre (1749-1784) (St S)
                    • 10 Anne Alexandre (1752-1836) (St S)
                    • 10 Josue Alexandre (1754-1809) (St S) [82] m 1 (1776, St H) Jeanne Rebecca Du Hurel ( -1794)
                      • 11 Josue Alexandre (1777-1778) (St S)
                    • 2nd wife of Josue Alexandre, (1799, St S) Elizabeth Fauvel (Gr) [83]
                      • 11 Betsy Alexandre (1799-1801) (St S)
                      • 11 Josué Alexandre (1801-1864) (St S) [84] m (1823, St H) Sophie Laurens
                        • 12 Sophie Alexandre (1824-1899) (St S) m (1844, St S) Philippe Le Jeune son of Philippe [85]
                        • 12 Jeanne Alexandre (1826- )(St S) m (1857, St S) John Picot son of Jean, of Retreat Farm, Maufant [86]
                        • 12 Josué Alexandre (1827- ) (St S) [87] m (1854, St O) Marie Hacquoil (1830- ) daughter of François, of St Ouen [88]
                        • 12 François Alexandre (1828-1830)
                        • 12 Jean Alexandre (1828- ) (St S) [89]
                        • 12 François Alexandre (1832- ) (St S) [90]
                        • 12 Laurens Alexandre (1836-1839) (St S)
                      • 11 Elizabeth Alexandre (1802- ) (St S) m (1829, St H) Jean Vaudin of Bagot [91]
                      • 11 Jeanne Alexandre (1803-1894) (St S) [92]
                      • 11 Jean Alexandre (1805-1850) (St S) of St Helier [93] m (1826, St H) Jeanne Godel ( -1874) of St Helier [94]
                        • 12 Jean François Alexandre (1827-1832) (St H)
                        • 12 Josué Alexandre (1828- ) (St H) [95]
                        • 12 Jeanne Alexandre (1829-1879) (St H) m 1 (1853, St S) Daniel Philippe Amy, son of Daniel [96]; 2 (1862, St S) Jean Falle, son of Philippe [97]
                        • 12 François Alexandre (1831-1837) (St H)
                        • 12 Elizabeth Alexandre (1833- ) (St H) m (1851, St S) Charles Le Gallais, farmer, son of Philip [98]
                        • 12 Mary Ann Alexandre (1834- ) (St H) m (1859, St S) George Ahier (St Mt) son of Philippe, carpenter</ref>
                        • 12 Jean Alexandre (1836- ) (St H) m (1868, St H) Mary Ann Howell, widow, née Hawker, formerly of Bristol [99]
                        • 12 Francis William Alexandre (1838- ) (St H)
                        • 12 Fréderic Alexandre (1840-bef 1851) (St H)
                        • 12 Sophie Civilise Alexandre (1842-1895) (St H)
                        • 12 Henry Alexandre (1844-1923) (St H) settled in New Zealand m (1869, St S) Harriet Amelia Le Mottée (1848-1939) daughter of Philippe, of St John, farmer. [100]
                          • 13 Alice Civilise Alexandre (1870- ) (St H)
                          • 13 Clara Longmore Alexandre (1871- ) (St H) m (1901) unknown, in New Zealand
                          • 13 Henry John Alexandre (1873- ) (St H) [101]
                      • 11 François Alexandre (1807-1807) (St S)
                      • 11 Francois Alexandre (1809-1889) (St S) of New York [102] m (1838, USA) Marie Civilise Cipriant
                        • 12 James Joseph Alexandre (1844-1894) m (1883) Nathalie Edsall (1864-1944)
                          • 13 Jerome Alexandre (1886-1926) m Violet Adelaide Oakley (1887-1918)
                            • 14 Nathalie Alexandre (1907-2001)
                        • 12 John Alexandre (USA)
                        • 12 Frank Alexandre (USA)
                        • 12 Henry Alexandre (USA)
                    • 10 Jeanne Alexandre (1758- ) (St S) m (1778, St S) Charles Le Breton [103]
                  • 9 Jeanne Alexandre (1720-1720) (St S)
                • 8 Edouard Alexandre (1692-1737) (St S)
                  • 9 Edouard Alexandre (1732- ) (St S)
                • 8 Pauline Alexandre (1697-1698) (St S)
              • 7 Bernabé Alexandre (1665- ) (St S) [104] m (1686, Gr) Marie Le Couteur (St P) daughter of Pierre
              • 7 Elizabeth Alexandre (1668- ) (St S) m (1692, Gr) Philippe Payn [105]
            • 6 Jacques Alexandre (1643-bef 1666 ) (Gr)
          • 5 Jean Alexandre (1604- ) (Gr)
          • 5 Sara Alexandre (1610-1640) (Gr) m (1637) Pierre Poingdestre
        • 4 Bernabé Alexandre, living 1604 (Gr) [106]
    • 2 Bernabé Alexandre (1497- ) of Grouville, living 1533 [107] m unknown
      • 3 Children Alexandre (Gr) [108]
    • 2 Jacques Alexandre (1500-1591) (Gr) priest [109]
    • 2 Denys Alexandre (1500- ) (Gr) living 1533 [110]
    • 2 Thomas Alexandre (1500- ) (Gr) living 1533 [111]

Notes and references

  1. He had died by 1506, when his wife was described as a widow
  2. CH, 1506: Magdeleine, relicta Johannis Alexandre, filia Johannis Greult
  3. Called in 1562 le viel." Actions before CH in 1532 and 1533 against Thomas Baudains, priest. The first was Grouville, Johannes Alexandre causa matris... and the next against Baudains, by reason of the latter's acquisition of part of Barthelemy Grault`s inheritance, Baudains was sued by Alexandre in right of his mother, indicating Alexandre as having a Grault mother, as above
  4. CH 9/1575, below
  5. Fouageur of Grouville, 1567. CH 9/1575 Rychard Alexandre en deffaulte vers Jean Le Neveu à cause de sa femme a aporter un vrai et loyal entier des héritages qui furent à Jehan Alexandre... It was the elder son`s duty to ensure a fair disclosure of all property of his deceased parents, whether it was land or rentes,being income derived from the land of others, which, after so many years, became classified as real estate.
    Before the CH in 1576, Richard was described as the aisney ès héritages de Jean Alexandre. Of interest is a Cour Extraordinaire, (Saturday Court session) entry in the late Charles Langton's Miscellany, derived principally from the notebooks he inherited from the genealogist Messervy: Richard Alexandre, neveu de Sire Jacques Alexandre ... et Sire Nicolas Alexandre, Curé de St Brelade..., the latter presumably acting as an arbitrator in the actions regarding the estate of Sire Jacques, priest, who died in 1591. That a senior member of the St Brelade family, Alexandre, should be involved in the action indicates close kinship with the Grouville Alexandres, no doubt through Sire Jacques` father, Jean, above
  6. Co-heir of Sire Jacques Alexandre, 1591. Vingtenier of Longueville, Grouville, 1594
  7. For this family, see Amy family of Grouville
  8. Richard`s Will was dated 25 January 1725 and proved on the 19 March 1725. He left 30 livres to his son Richard. Of his other sons, Bernabé received 15 livres, Martin 30 livres and Jean 200 livres (livres tournois, the standard French currency). Clément was not mentioned and may have already died. Daughters Susanne, Elizabeth and Judith were left, respectively, 300 livres, a chest and bedding; and the other two, 400 livres each. No mention was made of Rachel who may already have died
  9. Richard`s younger brother, Bernabé Alexandre (1702-1748), was later described in RP 38/137 (1736) as the "principal heir of the late Mr Richard Alexandre and of Susanne Roissier, his wife". Hence Richard and his brothers Jean and Clément, had died without heirs by then, as did afterwards a younger brother, Martin. No burial entries recording their deaths survive
  10. Susanne died without heirs. By 1748, her younger sister Elizabeth Alexandre (1709- ), the "fille 2e née", was described as the principal heiress
  11. She died without issue by 1735 and probably prior to 1725
  12. Heir of his elder brothers, see RP 38/137 (1736). Bernabe died without issue. C Samedi 105/379 gives his sister, "Elizabeth, femme de Nicolas Anthoine" as his "principal heiress", as also mentioned in the Extente (1749)
  13. She married secondly Thomas Touzel: C Samedi 105/379
  14. Named after Jersey`s first Notary Public, Martin de Gruchy, his godfather. Martin was alive in 1735, RP 38/54, but had died without issue by 1749, when the Extente gives his sister, rather than Martin, as Bernabe's heir
  15. Heiress of her brothers
  16. As veuve Jean Roissier
  17. Jean's was one of the fairly frequent missing baptisms. He is placed here on strong godparent evidence, as "Richard Alexandre of Grouville", with Amy, Touzel and Lemprière relatives, feature among his issue's godparents, principally in the next generation, but Lemprière and Touzel in the second. Jean settled in Trinity in 1704, in the south of the parish, adjoining Mont au Prêtre, St Helier, where his namesake in the previous generation had settled. Two Trinity burial entries could apply to Jean, one in 1726, the other in 1734
  18. The two daughters of this marriage were Elizabeth Touzel, wife of Jean Poingdestre, son of Pierre, and Anne Touzel: Will of Susanne Alexandre, dated 1802
  19. RP 66/44 (1784) lists the members of this family by way of a partage. Abraham Esnouf was the guardian of the under-age daughter of the late Abraham Alexandre, described as fils et principal héritier of the late Jean Alexandre and Anne Esnouf, whose daughter, Betty, was to inherit her grandfather`s house. The siblings of the late Abraham Alexandre were Jean, Anne, wife of Jaques Binet, Marie (presumably widowed, as her husband in not mentioned), Jeanne, Esther, wife of Jean Richardson and Susanne
  20. The descendants of this family now represent this branch of the Alexandre family
  21. Her will, dated 25 September 1802, names her late father and mentions most of her siblings, nephews and nieces. She requested burial in St Helier. The will was proved in April 1805; she was buried the previous month, in March
  22. His godparents were François Amy and Jeanne, his daughter, of Grouville. Settled in St Helier
  23. Living 1790: RP 75/22: "Jean Alexandre son of François and of defunct Marie Chevalier, sells part or all of his inheritance from his mother to his maternal kinsman, Pierre Poingdestre"
  24. This placement for Rachel, for whom there is no baptism entry, is based solely on godparent evidence. She and her husband, Jean Lempriere, had a first child, Jean, in 1730. His godparents were Jean Amy jnr and Elizabeth Amy, his sister. She and her husband acted as godparents to Abraham Alexandre who, if this placement is correct, will have been her nephew
  25. Her godparents were Richard Alexandre of Grouville and his wife
  26. His godparents were members of the Grouville branch of the family, being Richard and Susanne Alexandre. Richard was described as being of Mont au Prètre, 1686. In 1726 (RP 34/94) Richard Alexandre son of Jean, now a widower of advanced years, sold to Jean Alexandre, his fils ainé et héritier his house, lying to the east of the land of Jean Le Vavasseur dit Durell
  27. Her godmother was Marie Romeril grande-mère
  28. Her godparents were François Amy, Constable of Grouville, and Jeanne Alexandre, his wife
  29. Widow of Jean Alexandre
  30. He, or a brother who survived him, will have inherited the Mont au Prêtre property. It appears, however, to have been sold, perhaps as a result of bankruptcy
  31. His godparents were Richard Alexandre and Esther Nicolle, his wife oncle et tante
  32. Carpenter, 1841 Census; died at his home 4, Dumaresq Street, St Helier - la ville, as opposed to la paroisse (countryside)
  33. Painter, Southampton Place - 1844 baptism of his son Edouard
  34. Godparents were Edouard Alexandre, Grand-père et Anne Le Montais, sa femme
  35. His godparents included Susanne Alexandre, grande-tante. She was Susanne, below, (1743-1830) daughter of Jean Alexandre and Collette Giffard
  36. Widow, died at 5 Museum Street, St Helier
  37. Publican, a native of Dumfries, Scotland
  38. His godparents were Edouard Alexandre and Anne Le Montais, his wife, grandparents
  39. Master mariner
  40. Godparents were Thomas Carre and Elizabeth de Jersey, Grand-père and grande-mère
  41. Vingtenier of Mont au Prêtre, 1772. Richard Alexandre fils Jean fils Richard was co-heir in 1771, regarding the inheritance of his late uncle, Jacques Alexandre, who had died that year without issue in Boston, America. Richard`s will, dated 12 September 1780 and proved on 24 August 1805 indicates that he died childless: D/Y/A/16/112
  42. Her godparents were Bernabe Alexandre and Elizabeth, his sister, of Grouville
  43. The baptism entry for Susanne Alexandre, the "grande-tante" and godmother of Elie Alexandre (1809), is one of those missing from the registers. Her placement here as sister to Elie`s grandfather is based upon the 1809 entry. The Susanne Alexandre buried in St Helier in 1830, aged "87 ans" could not be her 1st cousin and namesake, Susanne (1746- ), as the age, if accurate, would not agree. Thus the burial of the latter Susanne will be that recorded, without age, in 1816. The previous Susanne buried in the parish will be Susanne Alexandre (1758-1805), who was actually from Trinity. However, she requested in her Will, in which she describes herself and her many siblings as children of Jean Alexandre, that she be buried in St Helier. The Will was dated 1802 and proved April 1805. She was buried in March that year
  44. His godparents were Richard Alexandre and Susanne Roissier, his wife, of Grouville
  45. RP 37/86 (1731) describes Jacques as fils deuxieme de Richard Alexandre et de Sara Le Sueur, sa femme. Jacques sold his parental inheritance to François Alexandre, described as fils puiné. As his brother Jean was the ainé, or fils premiere né, this statement shows that none of the brothers born between Jean and Jacques remained alive in 1731, nor was there any later provision made for any issue proceeding from them. However, as Jacques' was a missing baptism, it is possible, but unlikely, that he was an elder brother of Richard (born 1703) and, in that case, Richard might have been one of two fils puinés of their parents, surviving beyond 1731. Nothing more is known of him, though
  46. Pierre Poingdestre and Elizabeth Alexandre were the parents of Dr Charles Poingdestre of St Helier and of his brother Daniel
  47. Jean`s Will, which he signed, is dated 1st June 1818 and was proved on 21st April 1821. The Will most usefully named the following, with their bequests, translated, but retaining ranks as given: "To Miss Miss Marguerite Le Boutillier, daughter of my defunct brother-in-law, Jean Le Boutillier, £600, sterling, being part of my money placed in the Bank of England in 3% consols. From the same funds, to Mrs Elizabeth Le Vavasseur dit Noel, widow of Mons. Pierre Poingdestre and then widow of Mons. Matthieu Mauger, £400 sterling, she to receive during her life the dividends or interest, without power to change or amend the capital sum. This capital to then pass, on her death, to her children of the first marriage in equal shares. To Mons. Charles Poingdestre [a doctor], my nephew, £300 sterling. To Mons. Daniel Poingdestre, my nephew, £400 sterling. To Sophie Poingdestre, my niece, daughter of Mons. Jean Poingdestre, defunct, and wife of Mons. Clement Dumaresq Godfray, £150 sterling. To Miss Elizabeth Poingdestre, my other niece, daughter of the said Jean, £150 sterling". The testator mentions that the specified sums were the total held by him, at that time, in the Bank of England, and that any surplus at the time of his death was to be equally divided between his named beneficiaries. The executors, each of whom were to receive £5 sterling for carrying out their duties, were his nephews Daniel and, not previously mentioned, Jean Poingdestre, and a friend, Mons. Josué de Ste Croix. The legacies amounted to £2,015:00, sterling. Jean will have been, by the standards of that day, a well-to-do, if not wealthy, man. The occasional anglicisations within the Will, as well as the investments in England, would suggest he was a merchant, part of whose trade was with England. A codicil, dated five days beforehand, requests his executors to sell Sophie Marguerite Poingdestre`s bequest earning 3% and to place the proceeds at 5% interest per annum in the name of her children, she to receive the interest during her life, and the children to equally divide the funds on her death. Jean was evidently very ill by then, and makes his mark, described as that of "Mr Jean Alexandre", witnessed by Philip (sic) Mauger and Jean Ahier: The Will, formerly at the Jersey Greffe, will now doubtlessly be at the Jersey Archive
  48. Elizabeth was described, on burial, as femme Jean. She had a brother, Jean Le Boutillier, father of Marguerite
  49. Her godparents were François Alexandre, oncle and Elizabeth Alexandre, widow of Pierre Poingdestre, tante
  50. Her godparents were Jacques and Collette Alexandre
  51. RP 26/146 (1696) names her husband and elder brother, Jean
  52. Jean`s godparents included Etienne Anthoine. He was buried as Jean fils Jean
  53. Marthe was buried as femme Jean, showing that Jean was then still living
  54. Marthe was also co-heiress of Temple Chevalier of Aspall. For this family, Marthe and her husband, Jean Alexandre, see ABSJ V, 55
  55. Her sister, a twin, was sole heiress in 1739, so Marthe must have died without issue by then
  56. An infant, Jean Alexandre, was buried at St Helier in 1696. He may have been her brother
  57. Godparents included Jeanne, wife of Jacques Alexandre
  58. Widow of Augustin Renault
  59. Constable of Grouville
  60. Source: Charles Langton
  61. CH 1582: Grouville, Jacques Amy, meneur des enfants de Jean Amy, fils ainé de Philippe Amy et Collette sa femme..vers Thomas Alexandre à cause de sa mère, fille dudit Amy et de sadite femme Also, 1582: Richard Alexandre, Procureur de Collette, delessie de Jean Alexandre. For this family, see Amy family of Grouville
  62. Centenier of Grouville
  63. Thomas Alexandre was under age in 1570, but in CH 1591 is named as one of the co-heirs of Sire Jacques Alexandre
  64. In 1562, Jean was described as L'enfant Jean Alexandre le plus jeune, his father being le jeune and his grandfather le viel
  65. Bernabé had died by 1666, see below
  66. A deed in the Land Registry, dated 1666, mentions Jean Alexandre "eldest son of the late Bernabé Alexandre, son of Jean, of one part, and Bernabé Alexandre, Jacques Alexandre, Richard Alexandre, in right of his wife, and Michelle Alexandre, all children of the said Bernabé, of the other part", naming the surviving siblings of Jean, as well as his father and grandfather
  67. RP 22/168 mentions that the wife of Jean Alexandre was Marie Payn, daughter of Thomas Payn and Marie, nee Morel
  68. Dates uncertain. No issue. RP 38/7 (1734) records the sale by Bernabé Alexandre son of Jean, to Jean Lemprière son of Helier, of his house, that he succeeded to out of his brother Jean's inheritance. Such sideways succession to real estate, other than in specified instances of insolvency or in regard to acquired property, can only come about in Jersey Law in the event of a person dying childless
  69. RP 31/104, below
  70. Thomas Horman and his wife were Marie's godparents
  71. Sermenté, or Constable`s Officer, 1620-21, Petite Longueville. RP 31/104 (1720) reads: "Richard Alexandre, son of the late Jean Alexandre and Marie Payn, co-heir of his late elder brother, Jean Alexandre, and of his late aunt, Michelle Alexandre, sells Le Clos de Fonteuil and a small field [once] belonging to Sara Alexandre, their sister, wife of Henry Le Feuvre, situated on the Fief de la Carrière." In 1708 Philippe Le Gallais, principal creditor of Aaron Ahier, sold to Richard Alexandre, son of Jean, and Rachel Le Gros, his wife, Ahier's former house in St Saviour, where he then settled; RP 28/222
  72. Jeanne is described in the register as being of St Saviour. Her namesake and first cousin was of Grouville. The couple stood in 1758 as godparents in St Saviour for Jeanne Alexandre, daughter of Jean Alexandre and Marie Aubin
  73. Their initials and date are engraved at La Fontaine, below the fountain on Grouville Hill, by the roadside: JMT EAL 1760
  74. Her third cousin
  75. Of Peirson House (St S). In RP 17/281 (1663) Bernabé Alexandre buys from Jean Ahier, son of Jean, son of Thomas, a house, land and orchard in Longueville, St Saviour, where he settled. This property, owned for at least two centuries by his descendants, in the Longueville de Bas area, was in the 20th century called Alexandre Farm and later became the Peirson Residential Home, (now Peirson House)
  76. Pauline, or Apoline, Gavey veuve Bernabé Alexandre fils Bernabé, was tutrice of her children, 1670: RP 22/121
  77. Vingtenier of Longueville, 1697. Described as fils ainé de feu Bernabé Alexandre (1686) when he sold a field to the east of Parcq de Longueville, part of his partage d`héritage, that was dated 28 March 1689: RP 23/247
  78. His first cousin-once-removed
  79. Datestone at the former Le Geyt Farm, Five Oaks: ALG♥AAL 1773
  80. Datestone at Alexandre Farm, now called Peirson House: IALX♥MAB 1785, denoting alterations later in Jean`s life and the devotion of a bereaved husband, who had never remarried, for his deceased wife
  81. As an example of the inter-connection of so many 19th century Islanders, Catherine`s great-grandson was Jurat Clement Nicolle, a director of The Jersey Banking Company, 1877-1886. Catherine's aunt, Anne Alexandre, was the great-grandmother of William Philippe de Gruchy, partner and director of the bank, 1863-1877, whose son, Jurat W L de Gruchy, was also a director, 1877-1886, albeit often at odds with Nicolle and his fellow directors
  82. Of Longueville; Seigneur de la Carrière, which fief he bought on 13 January 1798: Cour d'Heritage (1798)
  83. Her family had previously owned the fief
  84. Josue, of Longueville, was in 1851 described in the St Saviour Census as farming 35 vergées. He also owned the nearby property called Longueville de Bas, on the north side of New York Lane, which was demolished in the 1990s to make way for housing
  85. Mariner; co-owner with Alexandre of the cutter St Saviour, 46 tons, 1854-59
  86. John Picot, described on marriage as a "Proprietor", was a descendant of Anne Alexandre (1712-1796) who features above, wife of Abraham Le Geyt. Witnesses included Philippe Le Jeune
  87. Of Longueville, farmer
  88. Witnesses were an Unknown de la Perrelle and Philippe Le Jeune
  89. In 1878, Jean's attorney was P Falla, while he was living in Switzerland. Rates paid by him in that year, in Grande Longueville, St Saviour, indicate that he had inherited the paternal property
  90. Mariner, 1851. He was born in 1832 at St Saviour, Jersey, was registered as being an apprentice in July 1847, his height was 5 ft 2 in and his hair and complexion dark
  91. Jean Vaudin was Elizabeth's first cousin. They had no children. For Vaudin, see ABSJ 1992, 665
  92. Her will, dated 22 July 1892 describes her as "fille Josué de St Sauveur". She left legacies to her niece, Sophie Alexandre, daughter of Josué, and to her nephew, John Falle. The will was proved on 2 July 1894: D/Y/A/53/65
  93. Of 5 Parade Place, St Helier, grocer. He had probably, prior to marriage, been a cabinet maker: see marriage entries of his sons John and Henry, below
  94. She was assisted in the business, after being widowed in 1850, by her daughters
  95. Josue was a cooper in 1851, aged 22: St Helier Census, 1851. His career then underwent a change. In May 1851 he became a seaman: Britain, Merchant Seamen, 1835-1857
  96. Master mariner "1839-53, drowned at St Brieuc, France, 1853": J Jean Jersey Sailing Ships
  97. This family later lived at Faldouet Farm, St Martin
  98. The groom was aged 31, perhaps causing Elizabeth to round up her age to "20". Her father was described as marchand, a description used by her sister Jeanne on both her marriages. The wedding was witnessed by Josué Alexandre. This couple appear to have left the Island not long after their marriage
  99. The witnesses at the marriage were John Picot (who had married his first cousin) and Sophia Alexandre (either his first cousin or sister). At the time of his marriage, John, a shipwright, named his father as having been a cabinet maker, as did his brother, Henry, a carpenter, at his marriage. Henry, who had no namesakes of similar age, may well have been describing their father`s original trade prior to marrying Jeanne Godel and becoming a grocer
  100. Shortly after the Jersey bank crashes of 1873, Henry, a carpenter, settled with his wife and family in New Zealand, where they died, in her case, aged 91
  101. His godparents were John Alexandre and Mary Ann Alexandre, above. He was probably the "Henry John Alexander" who married in New Zealand
  102. François Alexandre was a master mariner by 1830, settled in New York. In 1837 he was a shipping commission agent in that city, and in 1842 he founded the "F Alexandre, Shipping Line", later known as "F Alexandre and Sons". His principal business interests lay on the American seaboard, north and south of the Equator and within the Carribean. Within a few years this had become one of the great New York mercantile enterprises. He named his ships after the cities with which he traded, City of Havana, City of Alexandria, City of New York, City of Veracruz. In 1867 he sold his sailing ships and converted to steam. Had Alexandre retained closer links with his native Island, he would have featured among Jersey's foremost merchants. New York Lane, Longueville, may be the sole remaining local reference to this outstanding Jersey and American entrepreneur
  103. Of Oak Farm Five Oaks. Engraved on Oak Farm's stonework is: CLBT JALX 1808
  104. Vingtenier of Longueville, 1719-1720-. Various deeds confirm his position within the wider family: RP 26/153 (1689); RP 24/130 (1688)
  105. Engraved at La Pelotte, Grouville: PP EA 1710
  106. Probable son
  107. Bernabé was suing in the CH in 1524 and 1532, the priest, Sire Thomas Baudains. In 1532 his children are mentioned
  108. Living 1532, these almost certainly include: Guillemine Alexandre, claiming with others, CH 1593 (6/129), part of the estate of Sire Jacques Alexandre, priest. The others, also so claiming in that year, were Thomas Alexandre and a daughter Alexandre, wife of Jean de Gruchy dit Mauger. None of these could claim a share of Sire Jacques' inheritance unless they were descended from a sibling of the priest
  109. Sire Jacques Alexandre, priest: The many actions arising after 1591 regarding the division of his estate have assisted in extracting the early ancestry of this family
  110. Possibly a son of Jean and Magdeleine, with a view to the generation, if the parish was Grouville - this is uncertain
  111. An action before the CH in 1533 confirms Thomas was Denys' brother
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