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Allain family page

This page includes information about people with variant names such as Allen and Dallain


Mr Dallain photographed by Ernest Baudoux

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The Rev Mr Allain photographed by Ernest Baudoux

Origin of Surname

The name is derived from the Christian name, later anglicised as Alan and Allen. It is found in the Assize Roll of 1309. Although the name is believed to have reached Jersey from France, it may have come from Brittany rather than Normandy. It has Celtic origins, and is thought to come from the Gaelic "ailin", little rock, a diminutive of "ail", rock. It was introduced into England and later to Ireland by the Breton followers of William the Conqueror after 1066.

The personal name is recorded in its Latinized form of "Alanus" in the Domesday Book of 1086, although the surname is not recorded until the first half of the 13th Century, Alein appearing in Cambridgeshire in 1234.

History in Jersey

Two distinct families have been identified in Jersey. The first can be traced back before the 17th century and used the spelling 'Allain'. The second was the family which arrived in Jersey about 1687 as religious refugees. They came from Ceris La Foret near Bayeux in Normandy and used the spelling Dallain or d'Allain.

Their history was traced by family historian Henry Coutanche in 1985 and links to their family tree and that history will be found below.


  • Allain
  • d'Allain
  • Dallain
  • Allein
  • Alleyn
  • Alleyne
  • Allen
  • Allin
  • Alen
  • Allan

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