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Allix family page

This family arrived in Jersey in the mid-18th century. The best known member was Henry George Allix (1853-1915), who was in business as a tobacconist and also published and sold some of the earliest Jersey postcards.


Louisa Allix (1855-1911) in 1888 with Richard (1882-1917) and Violet (1885-1971)

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Origin of surname

George Balleine in his Derivation of Jersey Surnames says that Allix is an alternative spelling for Allez, in 1333 spelt Aales, derived from the Frankish female name Adalgis, which in English became Alice. This is supported by Noms de Famille de Normandie, which gives the early spelling as Aalis, and traces the forename as back as far as 1198 in Normandy, when the spelling was Aelis.

The name has long been common in Normandy, where the alternative spelling of Alix is more common in most of the region, although in the Manche department closest to Jersey both spellings are found in more or less equal numbers.

Arrival in Jersey

All records of the name in Jersey can be traced back to Jean Allix, born c 1720. Although some researchers give his place of birth as in the island, most contradict this and say that he was a Huguenot refugee.

This is also unlikely because the second and last wave of Huguenots leaving France for the Channel Islands was in the late 17th century, before Jean was born, so either Jean was born in Jersey to parents who were Huguenot refugees, but his birth and that of any siblings he may have had, was not registered, or he came to Jersey for other reasons.

Whichever is the case the Jersey family can certainly not be traced back in the island to 1660, as suggested by Charles Larbalestier in his book on the postcards of Henry George Allix. Jean married Marie Mitaine (1720-1781) at Grouville in 1846 and their son Thomas was born the following year. Marie Mitaine's baptism was not recorded in Jersey so it is quite possible that the couple left Normandy together and married after their arrival in Jersey.


  • Alix - not found in Jersey
  • Allez - found in Guernsey but not Jersey since the 14th century
  • Aley, 1461
  • Aleys,
  • Allet, 1292

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Prominent family members

Henry George Allix (1853-1915) was in business in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a tobacconist at 24 Queen Street, 19 Mulcaster Street and 1 Bond Street. He also published and sold some of the earliest Jersey postcards.


The Allix family was a family of seafarers, ship owners and ship builders. Francis Allix owned ships from 1848-1879, as did his son George from 1865-1885. Francis also built ships at Havre des Pas between 1842 and 1877, when the 18th and last was launched.

Six members of the family appear in John Jean's list of Jersey sea captains:

  • Jean, grandson of the founder of the Jersey family and first seafarer in the family, master of Recovery and Good Intent in 1809
  • George (1833-1884), master of the Elizabeth Young in 1865
  • Philip, master of steam tug Toby in 1864
  • Francis (1851-1894), the ship owner and builder
  • George (1856-1906), son of George above, London Southwestern Railway master for many years and master of Diament, ss Diana, ss Lydia and ss Frederica
  • Frank, master of ss Honfleur and ps Alliance

Allix postcard

This view of St Aubin in the early years of the 20th century is not particularly interesting in itself - postcards showing similar views abound. What is interesting is that we know who sent the postcard, we have her family tree, and furthermore, her father Henry Allix, who ran the family shop whose address is shown on the card, was himself one of the earlist publishers of postcards in Jersey. We believe that the sender of the card was Henry's daughter Sophie, but it could possibly have been his wife, also Sophie. Either way it is not one of Henry Allix's own series of postcards, but one published by the Dundee firm Valentine. It appears from the message on the card that Sophie was a collector of postcards, and we believe from comparison with other Valentine postcards of the era, that it was published about 1903 (Henry published his own postcards between 1905 and 1914, which would surely have been chosen by Sophie had she had access to them) and, judging by the handwriting, was probably sent by Henry's daughter, then 17, rather than his wife, who was then nearly 50. By 1918 the younger Sophie had become Mrs Arthur Le Quesne. Arthur was first married to Sophie's younger sister, Jane, who died in 1918 at the age of 30. The note at the top of the card, clearly in a different hand, is fascinating in that it describes St Aubin, Jersey, somewhat erroneously in French, as 'an English possession in the Mediterranean with a population of 2,470'.


H G Allix's Queen Street shop in the 19th century

Family photographs

The Mulcaster Street shop

Family gravestones

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