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Andrews family page


Sir Edmund Andros

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The surnames Andrews and Andros are supposed to have been synonymous in the 17th century. Two Bailiffs of Guernsey in that century were named Andros, and the family not only had connections with the Blondel and de Saumarez families in Guernsey, but also married into the ruling de Carteret family in Jersey.

Origins of surname

The surname Andrews means 'son of Andrew'. Andros was believed to be synonymous in the 17th century.

Early records

Andrews does not appear in Jersey baptism records until the end of the 18th century, and Andros until well into the 19th, but both names are known to have been present in the 17th. George Andros (also found as Andrews) was born at Elizabeth Castle in Jersey in 1646, descended from the Andros family in Guernsey.

His brother Edmund was born in London in 1637. Their father Amice was Bailiff of Guernsey and a staunch supporter of Charles I. Edmund was a colonial administrator in North America. He was governor of the Dominion of New England for most of its three-year existence and also served as governor of New York, East and West Jersey, Virginia and Maryland.

Before he went to North America he had succeeded his father as Bailiff of Guernsey, a title he resumed when he was recalled from Virginia in 1698. The Dictionary of National Biography wrongly states that he was Governor of Jersey from 1704 to 1708. He was, in fact, Lieut-Governor of Guernsey during these years.

Later families

The ancestry of the Andros family found in Jersey in the mid-19th century can be traced back to Guernsey, but it is not clear whether it goes all the way back to the 17th century.

The Andrews family which first appears in late 18th century records in Jersey is probably not connected to the earlier Andrews/Andros family at all. There were probably several different Andrews families in Jersey in the 19th century, and they may have been entirely unconnected. It has not proved possible to construct a family tree for any of those which appear in St Helier baptism records from 1791 to 1908.


  • Andrews
  • Andros
  • Andrus, from the same root but not found in the Channel Islands

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'Pops' Andrews sold ice creams on the slipway at Havre des Pas and later took over the Dicq Shack

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