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Anley family page


Philip George Anley (1864-1937), who emigrated to Canada, with his wife Elizabeth McKeown (1865- ) and children David, Philip George, Alice, Victoria and Hugh Larbalestier

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Origin of Surname

The name is derived from the Medieval Christian name Anslech (Anslech of Briqucbec was tutor to Duke Richard of Normandy


According to Payne's Armorial of Jersey, the family in Jersey in the 19th century originated in Guernsey and later became established in Jersey, marrying into the Nicolle and Lempriere families.

However, it is also clear that another line of the family was present in Jersey from the 14th century, the Extente of 1331 showing that it held land in St Peter.

Early records

  • Johan Anley is included in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550
  • Jean Anley, who married Jacquetta Langlois (1480- ), daughter of Jean and Maria, was born in St Lawrence about 1486. Guillinitte (?) Anley, born in the same parish about 1494, may have been his sister.
  • Jean Anley (1500- ) of St John married Denise Sarre (1508- )
  • Nicholas Anley (1515- ) of Grouville married Catherine Mallet (1519- )
  • Jacques Anley (1615- ) married Esther Le Mottee (1622- )
  • Elizabeth Anley (1644-1673) married Jean Cristin


  • Anley, 1461-78
  • Anlet, 1274
  • Anlay
  • Anneley, 1607
  • Hanlay, 1515
  • Anlec, 1331
  • Anleke
  • Aunlek
  • Aunleke
  • Auslek, 1309
  • Aulec
  • Aulet, 1308
  • Aulett, 1299
  • Anlet, 1274
  • Anly

Note: Only Anley and Anlet are found in Jersey church records. There is an Anlay will at Jersey Archive

Family records


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Great War service

  • Clarence Walter Anley (1878- ) Mercantile Marine
  • Henry Joseph Anley (St J), Private in Dorsetshire Regiment
  • Hugh Anley (1895- ), Private in Canadian Infantry, 6 months detention 1919 for being present at mutiny
  • John Louis Anley (St H), married Winifred Laurette, Cpl RAMC
  • Philip William Anley (St L), ex-RMIJ, Private in Wiltshire Regiment

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Place names

Anley Street in Saint Helier is named after the family.

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