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Anquetil family page

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Members of an Anquetil family

Origin of Surname

The name originates in a medieval French personal name, Ansketil derived from ans = name of divinity, and ketell = servant for sacrifices.

Early records

The earliest recorded holder of the name in Jersey is Jordan Anquetil (born 1433), but the name is recorded over a century earlier in the Assize Roll of 1309. One Anquetil is listed in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

Not all Anquetils in Jersey can trace their ancestry back this far, however, because there were further immigrants from France in the 19th century.

As far as Guernsey is concerned, Siegneur Ranulf Fitz Anhetil, Viscount of Bessin, was part of the Norman Court of Duke Robert the Magnificent [an heir of Rollo] when the latter took possession of the Channel Islands in 933. Anhetil was appointed to rule over the northern fief in Guernsey comprising the parishes of the Vale, Catel, St. Saviour and St. Pierre du Bois. In 1032 this fief was passed over to the Monastery of Mont St. Michel but was restored to the Viscount’s son, Ranulph, in 1042.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

This name, of great antiquity in Jersey, is of Norman origin, in which province the parent stock still exists. It is mentioned by Wace,who states that one of that name was killed by William Longueespee.

In the Extente of 1331, Peter, Allion, and Colin Anquetil are mentioned as holding lands in the island.

This family was one of those which offered such generous hospitality to Charles II during his residence in Jersey, and at its residence he was lodged and entertained for some days. So pleased was the monarch with the cordial and respectful attentions of his host, that he offered him a baronetcy, which was, on financial grounds, modestly declined. In remembrance of this courtesy, however, the king was pleased to command that a wreath of oak should for the future be borne encircling the family arms.

The family of Anketel, of England, is undoubtedly derived from the same source, and had settled there in very early times. In the reign of Edward I Fitzamoline Anschetil represented the borough of Shaftesbury in Parliament. It continued for centuries in the South of England, and intermarried with the Filliols, Penruddocks, Phelips, and other families of distinction.

Like their Jersey cousins, the Anketels were eminent for their loyalty duiring the Rebellion. Colonel Anketel held Corfe Castle, ex parte regis ; of the surrender of which a curious narrative is given in Hutchin's "History of Dorset". The English family has, however, long been extinct, but is represented by the descendants of Matthew Anketel, who settled in the north of Ireland, in 1636.

A marble tablet in St Helier's Church records the death, in 1842, of Brigadier-General Anquetil, of the Bengal Army, with a eulogium on his services, by the Governor-General of India.

Arms : Or, three leaves, vert, the shield surrounded with two branches of oak, ppr.


  • Anquetil 1299
  • Anhetil
  • Anquetel
  • Anketel
  • Anschetil
  • Anquetill 1607
  • Anketil
  • Aunquetil 1309
  • Anschitillus 1053
  • Anscretil

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Great War service

Sons of Edmund Andrew Anquetil and Isabella

  • Albert John Dumaresq Anquetil (St O) Driver Royal Field Artillery
  • Edmund Mortimer Anquetil (1886- ) (St O) Private RASC

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