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Ashelford family page

Robert Ashelford, a member of the Somerset family, who died in infancy early in the 18th century and is included in the tree below. The painting may have been commissioned in anticipation of or to mark his untimely death


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Origins of surname

This surname probably originated in Devon, and is thought to be a variant of the place name Ashford, in that county. Ashford was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as 'Aisseford'. The name is derived from the Old English aesc = ash tree, and ford, a river crossing, so presumably the community grew up on a river bank by ash trees.

Early records

The family which came to Jersey in the mid-19th century originated not in Devon but in neighbouring Somerset. Francis Ashelford was working as a servant in a St Helier home in 1851 at the age of about 24. He married Hannah Windeatt and they had five children, Francis born in Alderney in 1856, and the other four, all sons, born in St Helier.


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