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Aubin family page

This surname is found in Jersey in the 14th century


An unknown Mr Aubin, photographed by Henry Mullins

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Origin of Surname

The name was first used as a Christian name, after Saint Albinus, Bishop of Angers in the 7th century AD, and developed into a surname. It is found in the Assize Roll of 1309 and the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains three Aubins.

Richardson and Aubin wedding

Early records

The International Genealogical Index shows Marin Aubin born in St Saviour about 1470 and marrying in 1498, fathering children Benoiste, Catherine, Charles, Genette, Jean, Thomas and Marin.

Although there are only eight Aubin entries in the current Jersey telephone directory, the family was one of the most numerous in the island for several centuries and there are over 2300 entries in the IGI.


  • Aubin, 1331
  • Aulbin, 1607
  • Aubyn, 1309
  • Albyn
  • Obin
  • Albin

Family records


Family trees

The first two trees overlap, but come from different sources. The second has more descendant lines. The third, added in 2013, contains more detail and follows roughly the same descent. The fourth, added in 2015, is from a separate source.






Great War service


Occupation records


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Family gravestones

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