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Auffray family page

This surname is found as Auffray or Auffret in Jersey family records; the pronunciation is identical. It is the latter spelling which is found in Brittany, where the Jersey family undoubtedly originated.

Jean Baptiste Auffret was killed at the Somme in 1916: these are his war medals

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Origins of surname

This surname is particularly common in Brittany. It was originally a personal name derived from the Germanic Adalfrid, made up of adal = 'noble', and frid = 'peace'

Early records

Francois Auffray, born in France in 1836, moved to Jersey and married Mary Louise Courtel. They had five children from 1867 to 1879. The family came from Plouaret in the Cotes d'Armor department of north Brittany.


  • Auffret
  • Auffray
  • Auffrays
  • Auffred
  • Auffroy
  • Aufray
  • Aufret
  • Aufroy

Family records


Family trees


Births and baptisms


Family members who served in the Great War

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

  • Rifleman John Auffret, killed in action at Guillemont in 1916, aged 18
  • Francois Auffray (St H) Private Middlesex Regiment, ex-RMIJ, served four days after lying about his age
  • Emile Pierre Auffret (1902- ) (St H), Boy 2st Class RN, HMS Danae
  • Francis Marie Auffret (Gr), Sgt Tank Corps
  • Leon Julien Marie Auffret (1900- ) (St H) Ordinary Seaman RN, HMS Barham


Occupation records

Family photo album

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