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Historic Jersey buildings

Auvergne House, St Peter


Auvergne House is at Les Augerez, St Peter

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Property name

Auvergne House

Other names

Auvergne Farm


Rue d'Auvergne, St Peter [1]

Type of property

19th century farmstead


The house was sold for £550,000 in 2017

Families associated with the property


  • MLF 1696 - Thought to be for Moyse Laffoley. Joshua Laffoley was the occupant in 1849; and the 1941 registrations for Occupation identify cards show that widow Annie Elizabeth Laffoley, nee Wright, was living there with her sons William and Edward, so the property apparently remained in the same family for a very long time. The eight-generation descent from Moyse to William and Edward is shown in one of Jerripedia's Laffoley family trees

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This mid-late 19th century, five-bay, Jersey house retains historic features externally, in particular its decorative porchway. The interior retains its integrity of plan with original joinery and decorative features. The outbuildings, along with the farmhouse, create a cohesive farm group that contributes to the rural setting.

Carved stone at roadside possibly a chamfer stop and carving thought to be a building flying a pennant.

Old Jersey Houses

This property merits only the briefest of mentions in the first volume, and that is a reference to a 'curious piece of stone built into a wall along the road' with a carved design which Joan Stevens could not decipher. She says that chamfered window sills and lintels are evidence of an earlier house on the site, but makes no attempt to date that which stood when she wrote her book.

An addendum in the second volume records the presence of the datestone.

Notes and references

  1. The house and the road where it is situated were presumably named after a member of the d'Auvergne family, although which one is uncertain
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