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Badier family page


Louisa Badier, born in Jersey in 1883, daughter of George and Mary. She married Percy de la Rue, of Guernsey. See World War 1 service for her brothers who participated in the Great War

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Origin of Surname

This is a name which is common in the Drome department of southern France, but is also found in Ile-et-Vilaine, which suggests that it arrived in Jersey from nearby Brittany. It is derived from the old French bader, bayer or beer which means 'to be open' or 'wide open'. How the name became a family name, however, is something of a mystery, although it has been suggested that it could have referred to a person responsible for opening doors.

An alternative suggestion is that it referred to someone whose mouth was always open - a simpleton or fool.

In the west of France badier is a variety of cherry tree and there are hamlets with this name, from where the original Badiers may have come.

Early records

The name in its most common spelling, and also without the final 'r', appears in Jersey church records as early as the last quarter of the 16th century.


  • Badier
  • Baddier, 1607
  • Badie

Family records


Family trees




Badier family members who served in World War 1

Sons of George and Mary Ann

  • Andrew William Badier (1881- ) (St B) ex-RMIJ, Private, Royal Irish Rifles
  • Edmund Charles Badier (1879- ) (St B) Private RASC, ex-RMIJ

  • George Arthur Badier (1880- ) (St S) son of George and Elizabeth, husband of Louisa Frances, Private, RJGB, ex-RMIJ


Occupation records


Family wills

Family homes

Family album

Family gravestones

An 18th century family gravestone in St Lawrence Church cemetery

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