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Badier, or Badier Farm, is a property close to the St Lawrence's perquage and Avranches Manor which has elements suggesting that it could have been built in 1547, or earlier.

The property has an enclosed courtyard with a double-arched entrance, whose keystone bears a shield with 16 IRM SGC 84 - the initials of Jacques Remon, who married Sara Gruchy in 1676. (Not Jean, as stated in Joan Stevens' Old Jersey Houses Vol 1).

This was the only stone visible when the book was researched in the early 1960s, because the house walls were all rendered. But this was later removed and several other stones were uncovered. These confirm the Remon ownership, although the stone bearing AB RM has not been interpreted.

It seems that Jacques and Sara did not have any children, so probably the property passed down through a sibling or nephew of Jacques.

When the thatch was replaced by tiles the roof was raised and Nicolas Cabot's initials are on a stone above the arch, providing a link to this family.

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