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Bailhache family page


Bailhache potato merchants

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Origin of Surname

This essentially Norman surname is said to be derived from baille + hache, referring to a man who carried a hatchet, or an axe, but it might also refer specifically to an executioner

Early records

The name is recorded in the Extente of 1331. It was known in England as early as 1154.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

This family is of high antiquity in Normandy, where its members were Seigneurs of Rauville, Biesville, Longueval, La Corderie, etc. The Norman stem is traced from Raoul de Baillehache, living near Caen in 1305, where the name is and has been variously spelt, Ballehache, de Bellehache, de Bailhache, de Baillhache, de Balliehache, and de Baillehache.

The Jersey family had been long settled in the parish of Saint Lawrence, where it had held offices of trust, and whence branches afterwards migrated to the parishes of St Ouen and St Helier. Its members were merchants of celebrity before and during the reign of Charles I and II. Clement Bailhache, who died in 1819, was a Jurat of the Royal Court.

  • Arms — Azure, a lion rampant, or; in chief a crescent between two mullets of the last
  • Crest — A ship, ppr
  • Motto — Vive memor lethi fugit horae


  • Bailhache, the commonest form in Jersey
  • Ballehache
  • de Bellehache
  • de Bailhache
  • de Baillhache
  • de Balliehache
  • de Baillehache
  • Belhaché
  • Baillache
  • Baillehaiche
  • Bailliache
  • Bellehache
  • Belhache, the commonest form in France today

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