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Arthur Archer Ball (1877-1946) ran Devonshire Dairy at 59 Great Union Road at the beginning of the 20th century. His wife, Kate Elizabeth, and baby daughter, whose name is not known, are pictured on the doorstep, possibly with an employee, in about 1914. Arthur's father William (1824- ) and elder brothers John and Percy, also lived at the property in 1911. Arthur and his brothers were born in Jersey. Their father came from Cornwall, and Kate Elizabeth was from Plymouth

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Origins of surname

Various suggestions are made for the origins of this common English surname. The most common is that it is derived from old English bealla, meaning 'ball' and indicated a short, rounded person, or, because the word 'bald' has the same derivation, a man with a hairless patch on his head.

It may also have meant someone living near a knoll, or rounded hill. A third suggestion is that it came from the Germanic bald, meaning 'bold'

Early records

The first appearance of this surname in Jersey records was the baptism of Ann, daughter of George and Elizabeth Ball, in St Helier in 1744. It was not until the end of the 18th century that a family became established in the island


  • Ball

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Great War service

  • Arthur Archer Ball (1878- ) (St H) son of William and Caroline, husband of Kate Elizabeth, Able Seaman RN, HMS Resolution
  • Ernest Henry Ball (1868- ) (St H) son of Mary Jane Ball, Able Seaman RN, HMS Pembroke
  • William John Ball (1880- ) (St H) son of William and Eliza Langford, Able Seaman RN, HMS Blake


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