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Balleine family page


George Orange Balleine

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An unknown Balleine lady

Origin of Surname

Balleine, the French word for 'whalebelly', may have been an insulting nickname, reported Jersey historian the Rev George Balleine (see below) in his booklet on the origin of Jersey surnames. The derivation may have been from a man who played Jonah in a miracle play; or perhaps in local terms it was more simply a man from La Baleine south of Coutances

Early records

This family settled in Jersey at a very early period, probably from France.

As recorded in the Extente of 1331, Philip Balein was a member of the jury empanelled to ascertain the King's dues in the parish of St John.

John de la Balleine, possibly born in Jersey in 1310, was a crossbowman at Mont Orgueil Castle in 1337. Some researchers claim that he was the founder of the family in Jersey, but, if so, he cannot have been born there, and he would not have been French. The truth is that there is no documentary evidence surrounding the arrival of the Balleines in Jersey, and although John de la Balleine is shown at the head of the group of trees below, with a birth date of c1425, it is doubtful that he was the father of Thomyn at Generation 2 in the main tree.

Arms : Argent, a lion rampant sable, armed and langued gules.


  • Bolen
  • Baleyne
  • Balene
  • Balleine
  • Balaine
  • Ballaine, 1749
  • Balaynne, 1528
  • de la Ballayne, 1479
  • de la Baleyn, 1340

Family records


Family trees

The set of trees below starts with a common source in the first tree, and links from one tree to another are included. There is some overlap with the two trees above, which are from a separate source. An error has been identified in the last tree in this set, which has now been corrected, but this has caused us to institute further checks on other trees in the set.

The following two trees follow essentially the same lineage. The second tree starts a generation earlier and includes more branches


Vernon, Alan and Edward Balleine, sons of Elias Vernon (1929-2002) and Elsie May Le Cornu (1900-1990)

Family histories and biographies




Great War service


Occupation records

Funeral of the Dean, George Orange Balleine in 1906


Family wills

Family homes

Emigrant to Canada

Family album

John Alfred and Martha Balleine and their family

Family gravestones

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Notes and references

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