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Barrot family page


Jacques Barot was buried on 30 September 1786 in St Helier

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Origins of surname

The name is found mainly in departments of south France. Despite the identical pronunciation it is not seen by our French sources as a variant of Barreau, but we are not convinced. Barrot is said to be a diminuitive of barre, but it is not at all clear how it became a surname. It could be derived from the word for a small ridge, or from the Occitan for a brick, but none of this helps much in determining how it became a surname.

Early records

The name arrived in Jersey in 1843, when the birth of Charles, son of Louis and Marie Marett was registered. Charles emigrated to Victoria, Australia, where he died. Louis came to the island from St Lo in Normandy, and married Marie on 15 January 1841 in St Helier. Their seven children were all born in St Lawrence, with the exception of the second, born in neighbouring St John.


  • Barrot
  • Barreau, a possible variant. The pronunciation is identical

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