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Bartlett family page

Marie Bartlet, benefactress and founder of the General Hospital, originally a poorhouse, was the most distinguished member of this family


Mary Ann Bartlett, born Jersey 1836

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Origins of surname

This is a double diminutive form of 'Bart, Bert', a pet form of Bartholomew, plus the diminutive suffixes '-el' and '-ot'; hence, 'Bart-, Bert-el-ot'. Bartholomew itself originates from a medieval English name which ultimately derives from the Aramaic patronymic 'bar-Talmay', son of Talmay, a given name meaning 'having many furrows', that is, rich in land. As a given name in Christian Europe, its popularity is due to the apostle St Bartholomew, the patron saint of tanners, vintners and butlers. The surname first appears in records in the mid 12th Century.

Early records

The surname Bartele, which appears in an early 14th century Jersey record, may or may not be a variant of Bartlett, which first appears in church records over 350 years later. There are just two baptisms in St Helier in 1671 and 1690, and then a gap until 1808.


  • Bartele, 1309
  • Bartlett

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Great War service

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

Sons of John Bartlett and Eliza, nee Waylett

  • Alfred Leonard Bartlett (1886- ) (St H) son of George Frederick and Ellen, Sapper, Canadian Engineers
  • Frederick Matthew Bartlett (1877- ) (St H) son of Henry and Maria, husband of Emily Charlotte, Private, Wiltshire Regiment
  • Henry Frank Bartlett, Lieutenant, East Kent Regiment
  • Herbert George Bartlett (1893- ) (St O) son of Charles Edward and Julia, nee Hacquoil, Corporal RE
  • Reginald Lamb Bartlett (1899- ) (Gr) in orphanage in 1901, Private, RJGB


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A Bartlett family outing in the 1920s: Henry Joyce and Evelyn, with their children John, Harry and Zealey

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