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Bashford family page

The first family of this name arrived in Jersey at about the beginning of the 19th century


Sybil Marjorie Bashford, Corrie and Sally

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Origins of surname

This name goes back in various forms to the 13th century in England and is believed to have its origins in place names, although there is a theory that the personal name came first. It either derives from old English beorc for 'birch' and worth for an enclosure: ie the original holder of the name lived in a clearing in a birch wood; or ford means a crossing over a river or stream owned or controlled by someone called 'Basa'.

Early records

There is considerable confusion surrounding this family in online trees. Two families which appear to have settled in Jersey independently around 1800 and some 50 years later have been combined in trees, undoubtedly copied from each other, and with the original based on misreading of census returns.

Sixteen or more trees at Ancestry perpetuate the errors, and it is difficult to work out which was the originator. Any tree which shows a child born to a mother aged 12, followed by a sibling 22 years later, should be treated with enormous suspicion. And when 16 trees all show that somebody died in 'Bagot, Jersey, Illinois, United States', it is clear that they have all been copied from a single incorrect source. Researchers need to be aware that Ancestry trees can be very useful, but also very misleading.

The first Bashfords born in Jersey were James (1803- ) and Barbara (1811- ), children of Thomas Bashford and Hannah


George Bashford, a photographer, settled in Jersey in about 1856, married a Jersey girl, Mary or Mary Ann, and had a daughter Emma, born in 1856. There were other George Bashfords who have wrongly been incorporated into some of the Ancestry trees. The photographer married three times. Emma was believed to be his only child by his first marriage, but it is now known that she was followed by Amelia (1857- ) and William George (1858- ). They do not appear in the 1861 census and are believed to have died in infancy.

He had no children by his second wife Helen, despite some family researchers' attempts to link six unrelated Bashfords to George. There were five children of his third marriage to Emma Stevenson in 1878.

By the time of the 1881 Census George was shown as a house, land and vinery priprietor at Morley House, St Saviour.

We have done our best in the tree below, assembled from a submitted tree which did not include the most glaring errors, and then checked against Jersey primary records, to eliminate the mistakes, and we now have reasonable confidence in the accuracy of the tree.


  • Bashford
  • Basford

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Great War service

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Sons of George William Bashford and Emma Stevenson

  • Arthur B Bashford (1881- ) (St S), OV, Sergeant RMIJ
  • George Edward Bashford (1879- ) (St S) husband of Hilda Harriet Cain, OV, Private RMIJ
  • Reginald Walter Bashford (1882-1966) (St S), Private, Canadian Infantry, wounded


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