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Jersey houses:

Beau Coin, St Ouen


Property name

Beau Coin

Previous names

None known


Route de Vinchelez, St O

Type of property

18th century house, probably with earlier origins

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Farm group. The principal house has the well-proportioned appearance of the 18th century, but internal details indicate much earlier origins - such as the form of a fireplace with double convex corbels. These are usually a very early feature and could point to medieval origins - this fireplace appears to have been modified in the 18th century.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. Ground floor south room has a stone fireplace with large chamfered uprights with stops, double convex corbels (though they could be said to be a transitional style) circa 1550, timber lintel and 19th century modifications. Ground floor north room has a stone fireplace that is either 19th century or has been massively altered. On the first floor level there are some late 18th century or early 19th century doors and two 19th century fireplaces.

Notes and references

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