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Historic Jersey buildings

Bellozanne Priory, St Helier


Not to be confused with Bellozanne Abbey, this St Helier property, like its near namesake, has no ecclesiastical connection and should not have been called a priory.

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Property name

Bellozanne Priory

Other names

  • Windsor Farm [1]
  • The Priory [2]
  • Maison du Mont au Pretre [3]
  • Bellozane Priory [4]


Ruelle Vaucluse, St Helier

Type of property

18th century farmstead with earlier origins, probably dating from the middle ages


Sold for £910,000 in 2014, £695,000 the following year, and twice for £850,000, a week apart in 2018

Families associated with the property

  • De Ste Croix
  • Laurens
  • Labey
  • Le Main: In 1941 Gaspand John Le Main (1903- ), his wife Deborah Blanche, née De La Cour (1908- ) and their children Malcolm Gaspand (1933- ) and Brian Gaspand (1935- ) were living here.


  • 1712 - no initials
  • CDSX ♥ MELP 1761 - For Charles de Ste Croix and Madeleine Elizabeth Lemprière [5]
  • GLR 1826 - For George Laurens, the then owner of the property [6]
  • JCLB 1889 - Not in datestone register. For Labey, the Laurens` heirs in 1920. Perhaps really "CJLB" for Charles John Labey who married in 1888 Hannah Margaret Laurens?

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This is a comprehensive 18th century farm group, with earlier origins.

It contributes to its roadside setting. It retains its original character and many historic features internally and externally. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

The two-storey, six-bay farmhouse has one bay to west with barn running north/south to west. Outbuildings connect to northeast corner running north; detached outbuilding running parallel to east. Further detached buildings to north.

Dove holes. Apple crusher in garden.

Previous assessments record original granite fireplaces, ceiling beams, and signs of built in colombier in upper floor. This is the possible site of a chapel.

Old Jersey Houses

Joan Stevens wrote in Vol One that here has never been a priority of this name in Jersey, nor a priory of any name in the vicinity of this property.

Datestones at the property are from 1721 and 1761, but the house is undoubtedly much older. Whether it is as old as the Abbey, whose round arch front door is estimated as possibly as early as 1500, is uncertain.

However, the Priory made it into the first volume of Mrs Stevens' work, whereas the Abbey is to be found in Volume Two.

Mrs Stevens noted the connection with the de Ste Croix family identified by the 1761 stone, but she misread it and described its engraving as CDSX MER, unsurprisingly failing to identify the lady who married Charles de Ste Croix in 1750 and lived with him in the house.

Notes and references

  1. Few Jersey properties had definite names prior to the 19th century. The first name possessed by this property was that given it just before 1851 by the Laurens family, Windsor Farm. Such names often commemorated a visit by the property owner to a location of that name, although in this case, it is hard to provide a likely reason for the choice
  2. The Laurens family decided by 1881, that they preferred this name. The Fief de Bellozane had always had ecclesiastical connections, if only in its early history
  3. The name had, at one time, been changed backwards and forwards from The Priory to Maison du Mont au Pretre
  4. This seems to have been the property`s mid-20th century name, no doubt to distinguish it from other places in Jersey, having "Priory" as a part of their description
  5. Stone erased in late 20th century. Charles de Ste Croix and his wife had three daughters. The eldest, Madeleine de St Croix, married George Laurens, as a result of which marriage, the property passed to their Laurens descendants, who farmed the land and lived there into the early 20th century
  6. On wellhead, as shown in datestone register. HER suggests that it might be GUR, in which they are correct concerning the first and last letters
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