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Benest family page

This surname was present in Jersey as early as the 13th century and is still there today in significant numbers

Doris Benest, Post Office telegraph operator, 1950s

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Origin of Surname

George Balleine suggests that Benest is a French version of Benedictus and was adopted as a surname in medieval times when surnames were first established. French sources also suggest the derivation from the early personal name Benoit.

Early records

Benest is one of the oldest Jersey surnames, being found in the Extente of 1274. The name is found throughout Jersey records to the present day. The name is also found in France as the name of a village in Poitou-Charentes and as a surname of families connected with that region. No connection has yet been established between the Jersey name and this place.

Noe Benest, born about 1530 in Jersey, married Jeannette Regnault and they had a daughter Marguerite (b abt 1557) who married Ambroise Le Breton.


  • Benest, 1299
  • Beneest 1331
  • Beneyt, 1274
  • Beneit 1299
  • Bennest
  • Benoyst
  • Benoist, French variant
  • Benet, French variant
  • Binet is sometimes found in early years, probably in error, as an alternative spelling but is a distinct family

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The 1911 wedding of William Benest and Mary Nicolle. The picture was taken at China Quarry Farm, St Lawrence

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