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Berry family page

It took some time for a Berry family to become established in Jersey because the earliest families either had no children or all girls.


May Bailey, nee Berry, who was born in Yorkshire in 1894 and died in Jersey in 1977

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Origins of surname

Although the many Berrys to arrive in Jersey from the early 18th century onwards undoubtedly came from England, the surname is also known in France. There it is derived from the ancient Province of Berry, a region which now consists of the départements of Cher, Indre and parts of Vienne.

In England it derives either from the old English byrig, meaning 'a fortified place' or the later beri, or buri denoting a fortified manor house. The surname was either given to the owner of a manor house, or possibly to somebody who lived close by. The surname may also originate in such places as Bury in Huntingdonshire, Bury in Lancashire, Berry in Yorkshire, or Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Early records

The name first appears in Jersey church records in the early 1700, with the marriages of Andrew Berry to Marie Nicholls in 1711, and Samuel Berry to Elizabeth Taylor in 1737. There is no record of these couples having children, and the first baptisms on record are those of Anne (1771- ) and Elizabeth Jeanne (1772- ), daughters of Jean and Anne Aubin, who were married in St Helier in 1770.

There is then a 50-year gap before the marriage of Nicholas Berry and Elizabeth Journeaux in St Helier in 1826, followed by the baptism of their three children, all daughters.


  • Berry
  • Berrey
  • Berrie
  • Bury
  • Burry

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Sons of Henry Berry and Mary Ellen

  • Arthur Henry Berry (1882- ) (St S) Quartermaster Sergeant RE
  • Harold Laurence Berry (1886- ) (St S ), Corporal, Canadian Engineers
  • Herbert Stanley Berry (1882- ) (St S) Armourer Staff Sergeant, RAOC


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