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Bertaut family page


Anne Berteau, nee Le Marquand, wife of artist Thomas

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Origin of surname

Found in Normandy today this name was originally a medieval baptismal name from the Germanic Bertald, previously Berhtwald, a combination of berht (brilliant) and wald (strong). The original holder of the name must have been quite a guy! Although the spelling Bertaux is more common in France today, it is said to have originated as an error.

Early records

There is a record in Normandy of a Guillermus Bertaut in 1332. The four family trees below suggest that four different members of the family (perhaps brothers?) came to Jersey in the second half of the 17th century, perhaps as Huguenot refugees, but a decade or two before the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. An unknown Bertaut widow features in the list of abjurations for 1687.


  • Bertaut
  • Bertaux
  • Bertault
  • Bertaud
  • Bertauld
  • Berteau

Family records


Family trees




Great War service

Sons of Edward Berteau and Emma

  • Alfred Edward Berteau (1892- ) (St S) Sapper, Australian Engineers
  • Reginald Louis Berteau (1890-) (St S) Private, Canadian Infantry


Family wills


Burial records

  • Note: A number of Berteau/Bertaut burials in St Lawrence were found to be wrongly indexed. These entries have now been corrected in our in our Family records and also our searchable database.



Family album

Family businesses

Family gravestones

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