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Bertram family page

This family has been prominent in the eastern parishes of Jersey for centuries


A Mrs Bertram photographed by Ernest Baudoux in the 1870s

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Origin of Surname

Derived originally from the Germanic Berhthramn ('berht' = brilliant + 'hramn' = crow) the name became 'Bertran' and then 'Bertrand' in medieval France.

Early records

The name is found in the Assize Roll of 1309 and the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains eight Bertrams. Richard Bertram was a landowner in St Martin in 1331. The family is most prominent in the eastern Jersey parishes of St Martin and Grouville, and extensive trees in both parishes can be traced back to the 15th century. Linking the two families has not so far proved possible.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

The name of Bertram is of very early occurrence in the annals of the island. In the Extente of 1331 Richard Bertram is mentioned as paying six sols for a bouvee of land in the parish of St Martin, which has for several centuries been the place of settlement of this family. Their estate of Grafford, Crafford, or Crayford, as it is variously spelt in the several Extentes, was formerly possessed by a family of Crauford, of English extraction, and which at a remote period appears to have been of much consideration and importance. In 1447 William Bertram was warden or governor of the Norman Isles, and may have been like William de St Jean, Drouet de Barentin, and Thomas de Hamptonne, a native of Jersey.

Arms : Azure, an eagle, displayed, or. Crest : A demi-lion argent.

The family of Bertram, of Grouville, has long been settled in that parish, and although, from the want of requisite documents, no connection can be established between it and the foregoing, there is but little doubt but that both proceed from one common source. It has possessed, from the reign of Elizabeth, the residence now tenanted by its representative, which is little altered in appearance from that period.

Arms : Or, an orle, azure. Crest : A demi-lion, gules, holding between the paws a shield of the arms.


  • Bertram
  • Berthram
  • Bertran
  • Bertrand (Probably a separate family)
  • Bertrannus 1270 (from a Latin record)

Family records


Family trees

The arrival of yet another Bertram tree in July 2017 gave us the opportunity to reassess all of the existing trees. Errors previously identified in several trees below have been confirmed and the new tree is now recommended as almost certainly the most accurate and most comprehensive.

We have now incorporated all the correct information in the following 12 trees into the single new tree. We have retained the old trees, for the benefit of those who have hitherto relied on them for their research, and to allow them to make comparisons with their own trees and the new tree.

These trees will undoubtedly link to the main tree above, but the links have not yet been established


Family baptisms


Family histories


Société Jersiaise Library records


Great War service


Family wills


Burial records

Family homes

  • Homestead, Grouville: Home to several Bertram families, including three Constables of the parish [1]

Family businesses

Family album

Family gravestones

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=Notes and references

  1. Five Bertrams have been Constable of Grouville, the first three all called Elie
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