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General history

Major histories

  • W Plees, An account of the island of Jersey : containing a compendium of its ecclesiastical, civil, and military, history, a statement of its polity, laws, privileges, commerce, population, and produce, a survey of the public buildings, antiquities, and natural history, together with some detail respecting the manners & customs of the inhabitants : embellished with several highly finished engravings, and a correct map of the island, from a recent survey made expressly for this work, 1815
  • John Stead, Caesarea or an account of Jersey. The greatest of the islands round the coast of England or the ancient Duchy of Normandy. General history and desription of the island of Jersey. Principally collected from the accounts published by the late Dr Hevlin, Mr Falle, and others, 1797
  • John Stead , Caesarea. General history and desription of the island of Jersey. Principally collected from the accounts published by the late Dr. Hevlin, Mr. Falle, and others, 1798
  • Philip Falle, An account of the Isle of Jersey 1694
  • Philip Falle, History of Jersey 1734 reprint
  • Philip Falle , Caesarea, ou l’histoire generale et description de L’ile de Jersey, 1798
  • W Plees, Account of the Island of Jersey 1817
  • W Plees Account of the Island of Jersey 1824
  • Eagleston, A J The Channel Islands under Tudor Government, 1485-1642: A Study in Administrative History, 1951
PeterHeylin's 1656 book
  • Peter Heylin, A survey of the estate of the two islands, Guernzey and Jarsey with the isles appending ‘‘ 1629. First book on Jersey
  • Dr Peter Heylin , A survey of the two islands Guernzey and Jarzey with the iles appending, according to their politie, & formes of government, both ecclesiasticall and civill, 1656
  • Thomas Dicey, An historical account of Guernsey, from its first settlement before the Norman conquest to the present time…to which is added some proper remarks on Jersey, and the other islands…of Great Britain on the French coast, etc, 1751
  • J C Holt and J A Everard,Jersey 1204 The forging of an island community 2004
  • Poingdestre, Jean, Caesarea or a Discourse of the Island of Jersey: In Two Parts 1889
  • Les Manuscrits de Philippe Le Geyt, Ecuyer, Lieutenant Bailli de l'Ile de Jersey sur les Constitutions, les Lois at les Usages de cet Ile

Other general histories

  • Eloge de Monsieur Le Geyt, de l’isle de Jersey, 1716
  • Bailhache, Philip, A Celebration of Autonomy 1204-2004 : 800 Years of CI Law
  • Stevens, Joan, A Short History of Jersey
  • Hunt, Peter, A Brief History of Jersey 1998
  • Balleine GR, The Bailiwick of Jersey 1951
  • Lempriere, Raoul, History of the Channel Islands
  • William Berry, The history of the island of Guernsey, part of the ancient duchy of Normandy, from the remotest period of antiquity to the year 1814. Containing an interesting account of the island, with particulars of the neighbouring islands of Alderney, Serk, and Jersey. Compiled from the valuable collections of the late Henry Budd, as well as from authentic documents, royal charters, public records, and private manuscripts, 1815
  • Ford, Doug, Jersey 1204 (A Peculiar Situation) Jersey's historical links with the United Kingdom
  • James Stocall, Freedome. Or, the description of the excellent civil government of the island of Jersey, 1652
  • Thomas Lyte, A Sketch of the history and present state of the Island of Jersey 1808
  • R Haynes, A Brief History of the Island of Jersey, 1830

Political books, pamphlets, petitions and responses

  • The most wonderful and strange finding of a chaire of gold neare the Ile of Jarsir, 1595
  • Edouard Allen, An argument addressed to His Majesty’s Royal Commissioners in the island of Jersey, on Tuesday, the thirty-first of December, 1811 by E. Allen Esq. Barrister at Law, as counsel for the majority of the electors of Jersey, in support of their constitution and elective franchise: comprising an Epitome of the History of that Island, from the remotest Periods of Antiquity down to 1811; with brief Notices of the Sister Island of Guernsey, 1812
  • Royal Commissioners, Reglemens proposes pour l’establissement du jugement par enquetes dans l’isle de Jersey dresses par MM. Les Commissaires Royaux, assistes de Thomas Pipon, Ecuyer, procureur-General du Roi, et Jean Dumaresq, 1797
  • Adresse aux habitans de l’isle de Jersey au sujet de l’etablissement, propose par les Etats, de trois juges salaries, pour administrer la justice a la place de la cour royale, 1792
  • Traduction d’un ordre du Roi et des Seigneurs du Conseil, au sujet des disputes politiques des etats & de la Cour Royale de l’ile de Jersey. Avec des notes sur les differens points s’y trouvent decides, 1786
  • An order of the King and Council, concerning the political disputes between the States and the Royal Court, of the island of Jersey. Issued on the 2nd June 1786
  • Relation des ataques fait sur l’isle de Jersey, 1781
  • John Shebbeare, Tyranny of the magistrates of Jersey and the enslavement of the people, 1771
  • John Shebbeare, Six letters to Philip Le Hardy, an effectual remedy to the complaints of the islanders of Jersey, 1771
  • John Shebbeare, Oppressions in Jersey : an authentic narrative of the oppressions of the islanders of Jersey : to which is prefixed a succinct history of the military actions, constitution, laws, customs and commerce of that island, 1771
  • The Present state of the Island of Jersey, wherein is set forth the causes of the discontents and troubles among the people and what has occasioned so many disorders, greatly distructive to the peace and safety of the island, 1735
  • The case of the inhabitants of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, and Sark. Together with some reasons humbly offered to the…House of Commons, for the amendment of a small part of a Bill, for the encouragement of the silk manufactures of this kingdom, etc, 1720
  • Martin de Gruchy, The groans of the inhabitants of the island of Jersey : or, a compendious survey of the public grievances of that place. By a well-wisher to his country, 1709
  • Martin de Gruchy, The case truely stated, for settling in the island of Jersey the use of a Notary Publick 1701
  • Reasons humbly offered to the High Court of Parliament for an additional supply of wool for the islands of Guernezey, Jersey, Alderney and Serk, 1680
  • Thomas Ashton, Satan in Samuels mantle, or, The cruelty of Germany acted in Jersey : containing the arbitrary, bloody, and tyrannical proceedings of John Mason … against several officers and souldiers in that small place : as also his earnest endeavours to … encourage the army in England, Jersey, and Garnzey in their rebellion against the Parliament … presented to the Parliament, 1659
  • Articles of impeachment exhibited against Col Robert Gibbons and Cap Richard Yeardley, late governors of the isle of Jersey : wherein the several impeachments, notorious actions, high misdemeanours … are laid open … : as also a remedy for the people against the heavy yoke of such tyrannical oppressours in this juncture of miraculous restauration after so long a bondage, wherein the little finger of some appeared heavier then the whole loins of others, 1659
  • The remonstrance of the inhabitants of the three Isles of Wight, Garnsey, and Jersey concerning the Kings majestie now resident in the Isle of Wight, the just priveledges of Parliament, the liberty of the subject, and the settlement of peace etc, 1647
  • Articles exhibited against Sir Philip Carteret, Govenour of the Isle of Jersy; or, an humble information of the estate of his Majesties Isle of Jersey, with part of the grievances of the inhabitants, which was presented by divers gentlemen of that Isle, to many members of both the Houses in Parliament assembled, 1642
  • An Authentic Narrative of the Oppressions of the Islanders of Jersey:A Succinct History of the Military Actions, Constitution, Laws, Customs and Commerce of that Island 1771
  • Abraham Jones Le Cras, The Laws Customs and Priviliges and their Administration in the Island of Jersey 1839

Charles II

  • Prince Charles proclaimed King, and landed in Jersey with the Duke of York…Also his entertainment by the Lord Jermane…With the duke of Yorks declaration touching his brother the declared King. And his highnesses message to the King of France, etc, 1649
  • A great victory obtained at sea; and the full particulars of a bloudy fight…between the Princes ships and the Parliaments, four leagues from Jersey, 1649
  • King Charles II His majesties declaration to all his subjects of the Kingdome of England, etc (Given at our Court at Castle Elizabeth in our Isle of Jersey the twenty third day of October 1649)
  • A declaration of the proceedings of the Prince of Wales, and his coming to the Isle of Jersey; with his resolution and intentions thereon, 1649
  • King Charles I, Prince Charles, The Kings majesties most gratious letter to his sonne, his highnesse James Duke of York: written with his majesties owne hand…Also a letter from his highnesse Prince Charles, sent from France, to the Estates and Common Councell of, and concerning Jersey…And a declaration from the agitators in the name of the whole army under his excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, to their fellow souldiers, of their representations and desires, 1647

Other official publications

  • The articles of rendition of Elizabeth Castle; and the totall reducement of that island to the obedience of the Parliament of England. The severall summons, answers and replies passed between Col. Heane…and the late Governor, Sir G. Carteret, etc, 1651
  • 1649 Instruction que l’on doit faire lire et apprendre aux Enfans. Dresse’e par le commandement de sa Majeste, pour l’usage de cette partie de l’eglise Anglicane, laquelle Dieu conserve en l’Isle de Jersey, 1649
  • An ordinance of the Lords and Commons for the making void all commissions and warrants, or other writings issued forth in his Majesties name to Sir Philip Carteret Govenour of Jersey, etc, 1645.
  • Colonel Henry Marten, Friday 22 October, 1652. Col. Martin reports from the Councell of State propositions touching the Isle of Jersey, etc, 1652
  • Goods imported from Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and Alderney (Confirming the right of islanders to export for importation into England free of duty articles of their own growth or manufacture)
  • The orders for ecclesiasticall discipline, according to that which hath been practised since the reformation of the church in His Majesties dominions, by the ancient ministers, elders, and deacons of the Iles of Garnsey, Gersey, Sark and Alderney. Confirmed by the authoritie of the synode of the foresaid iles, 1642
  • To the Lords assembled in Parliament. The humble remonstrance of the Justices, Gentry, Ministers, and Constables, assembled in the State and Common Councell of the Island of Jerzey. Published to manifest the untruth of a paper malitiously spred abroad against Sir Philip Carteret, 1642


  • George Leabon, Narrative of facts connected with the Channel Islands, 1812
  • Philippe Jean, Military system for the Militia of Jersey, 1811
  • Edward Dupre, On the victory obtained by Rear-Admiral Lord Nelson of the Nile, 1798
  • John Campbell, Anecdotes relative to the Island of Jersey 1767, 1773
  • S de Carteret, Chronique de Jersey, Guernsey, etc, 1732
  • John Durell, The Queen hath two officers in her island of Jersey, 1710
  • A perfect narrative of the particular service performed by Thomas Wright, Firemaster, with a mortar-piece of fifteen inches and a half diameter, against the Castle of Elizabeth in the Isle of Jersey etc, 1651
  • Michel Lempriere, Dumaresq, Herault, Pseudomastix, the lyars whipp, 1646
  • An answer to Prynnes defence of Sir Philippe de Carteret
  • The most wonderfull and strange finding of a chayre of gold, near the Isle of Iarsie, with the true discourse of the death of eight severall men, 1595. Only known copy in the possession of the Societe Jersiaise
  • William Prynne, Humble petition of Mr. Prynne, late exile, and close prisoner in the Ile of Jersey. Presented to Parliament ‘‘, 1641
  • William Prynne, Mont Orgueil, or divine and profitable meditations, 1641
  • William Prynne, The lyar confounded, 1642
  • Various authors, A Companion to the Island of Jersey 1836
  • Thorne's Guide to Jersey 1857
  • The Jersey Magazine or Monthly Recorder 1809
  • Lake, Chris, Jersey Airport - The First 50 Years 1937-1987
  • Jersey Evening Post, Images of Jersey 1994
  • Stevens, Joan, Victorian Voices
  • Stevens, Joan and Mayne, Richard, Jersey Through the Lens
  • Mayne, Richard, Old Channel Islands Silver - It's Makers and Marks 1969
  • Stevens, Philip, Farms, Fields and Valleys of Jersey: A Photographic Tour of Rural Jersey a Century Ago 2005
  • Bonsor, NRP, Jersey Eastern Railway (Library of Railway History) 1965
  • Lempriere, Raoul Jersey in Old Photographs: A Third Selection (Britain in Old Photographs) 1993
  • Lempriere, Raoul, Portrait of the Channel Islands
  • Cottrill, DJ, Victoria College, Jersey, 1852-1972 1977
  • Hazard, Willis, The Jersey, Alderney, and Guernsey Cow: Their History, Nature and Management 2009
  • Ray, Dick, The Opera House A history of Jersey's Opera House
  • Bisson, S (editor), The Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550
  • Hillsdon, Sonia and Jennings, Geraint, The Battle of Jersey A children's book
  • Hillsdon, Sonia and Jennings, Geraint, Gorey Castle A children's book
  • Hillsdon, Sonia and Jennings, Geraint, Jersey farmers and their fields A children's *Hillsdon, Sonia and Jennings, Geraint, Famous people in the parishes
  • Burgess, Glyn (translator) Roman de Rou by Maitre Wace
  • Ashelford, Jane Royal Journeys Queen Victoria and Prince Albert 's visit to the Channel Islands in 1846
  • Rodwell, Warwick, Mont Orgueil Castle
  • Cox, Gregory Stevens, Les Iles de la Manche History of the Channel Islands
  • Jones, Mari, Jèrriais - Jersey's Native Tongue
  • McCammon, A L T, Currencies of the Anglo-Norman Isles Vols 1 and 2
  • Ansted, David Thomas and Robert Gordon Latham The Channel Islands, 1863
  • Le Couteur, J Merry Hearts Make Light Days: The War of 1812 Journal of Lieutenant John Le Couteur, 104th Foot
  • Larbalestier, Chas A Century of Music in Jersey, 1990

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