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Bichard family page


Mrs Bichard photographed by Henry Mullins

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Mr Bichard photographed by Henry Mullins

Origin of Surname

One suggestion is that the name comes from the French for little doe.

Alternatively it is supposed to be of Germanic origin from bic (beak) and hard (strong).

Early records

This name is found in the Extente of 1331, and the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains two Bichards.

Sebastian Bichard was born in St Ouen in 1565.

The Guernsey branch was started by two brothers, Germain and Brandeyn Bichard, sons of John, who left Jersey and settled in Guernsey in about 1575. One settled in St Sampsons and the other in St Saviours. Another brother, John, seems to have followed them to Guernsey a few years later. Later on Brandeyn's younger son Pierre, left St Saviours to join his uncle Germain at St Sampsons[1]. Now their descendents can be found throughout the Channel Islands.


  • Bychard
  • Bichard, 1299
  • Bischert, 1607
  • Bischard, 1528
  • Bichart, 1479

Family records


Jersey family trees

The next three trees are essentially the same, from different sources and with some variations




Great War service

  • Macallister Seth Billot (St L), Private, Machine Gun Corps
  • William Francis Bichard (1873- ) (St H) son of William and Jane, Mercantile Marine


Family wills

Family homes

Family businesses

Family gravestones

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  1. "St Sauverais", Guernsey Surnames, RGS, Autumn 1951


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