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Biles family page

This is a very early English surname, but it did not arrive in Jersey until the mid-19th century. The family was prominent in equestrianism in the 20th century and owned Pomme d'Or Farm, including a large field known as Biles Field, at First Tower, The field was used for grazing horses, but now Pomme d'Or Farm housing estate has been built on it


Leah 'Lily' Angelina Biles, new Seager (1878-1920), St Ouen, wife of George Francis Biles

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Origins of surname

This is a very early old English surname, which started as Bile, derived from the old word meaning a bill or beak or a bird. The name was either given to someone who lived on the top of a hill or was a nickname for somebody with prominent features. The form Biles originally meant 'son of Bile'.

Early records


  • Bile
  • Biles

Family records


Family trees


Births and baptisms

Charlie Biles driving a horse-drawn van in 1964
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