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Blampied family page

Blampied by Lander.jpg

Edmund Blampied, by his friend John St Helier Lander

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J Blampied in about 1880

Origin of Surname

George Balleine gives the origin as the early French for white foot but says:

Blampied, white-foot, is a puzzle. One wonders how the whiteness of a man's feet attracted the attention of his neighbours. Yet it is not the corruption of some other word, for we get the name Whitefoot in England. Perhaps it was given in scorn to a man too dainty to get his feet dirty.

Early records

We previously showed here that although a common Jersey name from the 16th Century to the present, Blampied did not appear to have any older roots in the island. The name is found in the Extente of 1528 and the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains four Blampieds.

However, we had somehow overlooked the spelling variations listed in our Comprehensive list of Jersey surnames and now shown below. We are indebted to a Blampied descendant for pointing out that Jersey Archive contains a contract dated 1402 between Guille de St Martin Seigneur of the Fief de la Trinity and several tenants, including John Blancpie dit Petit, John Blancpie the elder, and John Blancpie the younger. This suggests that the Blampied name was found in Trinity from the 14th century, there being three adult males by 1402.

There is also a cosiderable body of Blampieds in Guernsey, though they may have arrived there originally from Jersey.


  • Blampied 1607
  • Blampy 1528
  • Blancpy 1484
  • Blancpie 1402
  • Blancpuy 1381


This is very much a Trinity family. Of the 1682 Blampied births and baptisms in our database, 1682 were recorded in Trinity. The other northern and central parishes - St John (191), St Mary (60), St Martin (108), St Peter (164) provide another 523. The family hardly ventured into the south east of the island, with a total of only 61 registrations in St Saviour, St Clement and Grouville.

There is a Blanpied family in France with records dating back to 16th-century Lorraine. They have no apparent connection to the Channel Island Blampieds, and spell their name with an 'n' rather than an 'm'.

There is also a Blanpied family in the United States, descended from Guernsey-born Elisha Blampied. who emigrated to Ohio sometime before 1820. At some point this family adopted the French spelling.

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