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The Blampied family owned land in the area of what is now called Blampied farm in around 1600. Property transactions show the inheritance following the death of Marin Blampied in 1607, his eldest son Nicolas’ death in 1609 and inheritances by Nicolas’ eldest son Drouet and grandson Thomas.[1]

In December 1693 Philippe Blampied, son of Thomas, was imprisoned because of non payment of loans, dating from 1682 and 1687, from Jean Le Sebirel. To solve his problems Philippe sold a rente, secured on the farm, to the poor of the parish of St Lawrence (La Charité).This enable Philippe to get out of prison but left his heirs with an annual charge until final reimbursement some two centuries later.

  • 1866: Philippe Blampied, son of Jean, leased to Henry Vatcher, originally from Dorchester, a cotil with a right of way across the farm. Mr Vatcher had discovered that the Handois rock gave a toughness to china clay and started to quarry the valley, transporting the clay north across Blampied farm rather than south down the valley, due to the better gradient for the carts to travel down to St Helier.
  • 1872: Blampied Farm was sold to the Vatchers and the family retired to the south of the parish. When the export of china clay became uneconomic, all the Vatcher properties were acquired in 1929 by the Waterworks Company. Shortly afterwards the quarry and valley were flooded and became Handois reservoir and Blampied farm was abandoned. Later, the property was occupied by an employee of the company but he preferred China Quarry Farm and again it became just a store. The Waterworks Company would not let the house be occupied claiming there was a risk of contaminating the water and there was an attempt to demolish the farm, thwarted by the planning department.[2]

The current farmhouse dates from abt 1806. A date stone of that period may commemorate the completion by Jean Blampied and his wife Susanne.

IBP SL 1808

Jean Blampied and Susanne Luce both of St Lawrence married 5 May 1784. [3]

Renovation of the disused farm was approved in 2005.[2]


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