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Bois family page

The Bois family, which settled in St Saviour, arrived in the island from Normandy in the first 30 years of the 19th century.


Capt Francis John Bois, c1895

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Francis John Bois

Origin of Surname

Bois is French for wood, and the name either derives from a dweller in the woods or from a resident of one of many French hamlets called Du Bois. The name is common in Normandy either as Bois or Dubois, and records go as far back as Girardus de Bosco in 1198, with Richard de Bois and Ernaut du Bois both recorded in 1261/1266. There are records of du Boiz and du Boys in the 14th century.

Early records

In Jersey there are records of du Bois and du Boys baptisms in St Helier from the early 17th century.

The distinct Bois family, which settled in St Saviour, arrived in the island from Normandy in the first 30 years of the 19th century.

There was also a Bois who died while visiting Jersey in the 17th century and is buried at St Saviour's Parish Church, but it is not known whether he has any connections to the Bois family which established later in Jersey.


  • Bois
  • de Bois
  • de Boiz
  • du Bois
  • du Boiz
  • du Boys
  • Dubois

Family Records


Jersey family trees


Baptism records


Great War service

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

Sons of Thomas Elie Sebastien du Bois and Caroline Alexandrine Le Neveu

  • Elie Charles Auguste du Bois (1888-1952) (St B) Private, Essex Regiment
  • Emile Edmund du Bois (1893-1966) (St B) husband of Marie Suzanne Philomene, Private, Labour Corps


Family wills

These wills created by members of the Bois family are now held by Jersey Archive. By visiting the archive site and using the names, dates and reference numbers shown here, it is possible to view a copy of each will. You will have to subscribe to the Archive's online service to do this. To find out more about this collection, which covers the period from 1663 to 1980, and how to search for your family's wills there, visit our Jersey wills page


  • Bois : Ann , St Saviour - 08/Jul/1893 , 29/Mar/1895 , D/Y/A/54/32
  • Bois : Beatrice Elaine , Elfington House, St Saviour 26/01/1946 Bequeaths to the work of the Time and Talent Guild in Bermondsey £50 - Unknown date , 14/Nov/1947 , D/Y/A/118/105
  • Bois : Charles Albert , Le Chalet, Pontac, St Clement 8/02/1997 Bequeaths to Mary Ann Bas, Le Chalet, Pontac - Unknown date , 07/Mar/1947 , D/Y/A/117/70
  • Bois : Francis John , Alphington House, St Saviour 30/05/1921 Bequeaths to Francis L'Isle Bois the property Alphington House and the silver salver and preservation book given to him by the inhabitants of Jersey in recognition of services during the Great War; to Avice Marguerite Bois the property Waverley Lodge, St Saviours Road, St Saviour; to Beatrice Elaine Bois the property Claremount Cottage, St Helier Revokes the sale of Claremont Cottage - Unknown date , 02/Sep/1924 , D/Y/A/84/100
  • Bois : Francois , of St Saviour 21/10/1875 Bequeaths to Virginie Daniel a £50 Russian bond of 5%, to Mary Bois a £50 Russian bond of 5%, to Anne Bois a £50 Russian - Unknown date , 25/Apr/1876 , D/Y/A/39/26

Du Bois

  • Du Bois : Cyril Thomas , of 16, Clos de Quennevais, St Brelade - 22/Nov/1976 , 08/Sep/1980 , D/Y/B1/330/21
  • du Bois : Emile Edmund , of Le Hurel, La Pulente, St Brelade - 19/Oct/1968 , 19/Oct/1968 , D/Y/B1/125/24
  • Du Bois : Jane , 2 Tynemouth Terrace, St Helier, widow of Edward Le Couteur - 17/Jun/1905 , 20/May/1908 , D/Y/A/67/58
  • Du Bois : Jean , ... - 25/Aug/1740 , 24/May/1742 , D/Y/A/7/55
  • Du Bois : Jeanne , of St Helier 07/08/1807 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £4 of the order of the King - Unknown date , 27/Apr/1808 , D/Y/A/17/79
  • du Bois : Jeanne , of St Peter, now of St Helier : 28/07/1860 Bequeaths to the poor of St Peter £2 - Unknown date , 26/Feb/1885 , D/Y/A/44/103
  • Du Bois : Marie , of St Lawrence 30/05/1831 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Cemetery - Unknown date , 31/May/1834 , D/Y/A/23/17
  • du Bois : Marie Adele , widow of Louis Auguste Jouanne, of Beau Regard, Haute Croix, St John - 30/Apr/1947 , 09/Jul/1955 , D/Y/B1/31/35
  • du Bois : Mary Ann , Altona House, St Marks Road, St Helier - 26/Feb/1919 , 13/Jul/1922 , D/Y/A/82/90
  • Du Bois : Nicolas , 05/05/1780 Bequeaths to the poor of St Peter, £2 of the order of the King - Unknown date , 10/Nov/1781 , D/Y/A/13/44
  • Du Bois : Pierre , of St Peter, now of St Helier 09/12/1828 Bequeaths to the poor, £50 of the old French currency - Unknown date , 29/Apr/1831 , D/Y/A/22/15
  • Du Bois : Thomas , of St Helier 19/07/1825 Bequeaths to the poor of St Peter, £2 of French currency - Unknown date , 07/Mar/1827 , D/Y/A/20/81


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