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  • Marr, LJ, Guernsey People, (Phillimore 1984)
  • Marr, LJ, More Guernsey People, (Guernsey Society 1992)
  • Hocart, Richard, Peter de Havilland: Bailiff of Guernsey A History of his Life, 1747-1821, (La Société Guernesiaise 1997)
  • Sir John Ross, Memoirs of Admiral Lord de Saumarez (2 vols, 1838)
  • Syvret, Marguerite, Edmund Blampied - A Biography of the Artist 1886-1966 1986
  • Balleine, George, A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey
  • Corbet, Francis A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Vol 2
  • Stevens, Philip, Victor Hugo in Jersey
  • Blacker, Jean, Wace A Critical Bibliography
  • Jeune, Reginald, Toujours Jeune autobiography of Jersey politician
  • Hillsdon, Sonia The Jersey Lily biography of Lillie Langtry
  • Lucas. Steven, The Devenport Years 1967-1991 Headmaster of Victoria College
  • Burgess, GS and Weiss J, Maistre Wace – A Celebration
  • Vibert, Ralph, Memoirs of a Jerseyman autobiography of Jersey politician
  • Le Brocq, Edward, Memoirs of Edward Le Brocq Diary recording Jersey characters and events from the late 19th century until the middle of the 20th
  • Pocock HRS,(compilers), Memoirs of Lord Coutanche Autobiography of Jersey's World War 2 Bailiff


  • Brett, CEB, Buildings in the town and parish of St Peter Port, (National Trust 1975)
  • Members of the Guernsey Society, The Guernsey Farmhouse, (Guernsey Society 1963)
  • McCormack, John, The Guernsey House, (Phillimore 1980)
  • Stevens, Joan, Old Jersey Houses Vols 1 and 2, 1965/1977
  • Lempriere, Raoul, Buildings and Memorials of the Channel Islands 1980
  • Balleine, George, All for the King - Life story of Sir George Carteret (1609-1680)
  • Scott Warren, David, Bluebottles – Story of the Jersey Police Service
  • Binney, Marcus and Loth, Calder, Victorian Jersey
  • Grinsley, EJ, The Historical Development of the Martello Tower in the Channel Islands
  • Rodwell, Warwick, The Fisherman's Chapel
  • Ginns, Michael, Jersey's German Bunkers
  • Davis, William, Fort Regent
  • Davis, William, Coastal Towers of Jersey


  • Lempriere, Raoul, Customs, Ceremonies and Traditions of the Channel Islands 1976
  • De Garis, Marie, Folklore of Guernsey, (1975)
  • MacCulloch, Edgar, Guernsey Folklore, 1903
  • Pitts, John Linwood, Witchcraft and Devil Lore in the Channel Islands, 1886
  • Hillsdon, Sonia and Jennings, Geraint, Strange goings on in the parishes A children's book
  • Hillsdon, Sonia, Jersey's Witches, Ghosts and Traditions Islanders' war with the Devil and the consequent trial of Jersey witches, plus traditional tales from the 12 parishes

Travel guides

Guernsey Bailiwick


  • Cochrane, Jennifer, Life on Sark, 1994. A through-the-year account of life on Sark.


  • Pinnegar, Edward, A History of Aviation in Alderney, 2010. Includes the other islands and the present and future.

Guernsey History

Family History


  • Crossan, Rose-Marie, Guernsey 1814-1914: Migration and Modernisation, (Boydell 2007)
  • Kreckeler, David W., Guernsey Emigrants to Australia 1828-1899, (1996)


  • Stevens-Cox, Gregory, St Peter Port 1680-1830 - the History of an International Entrepot, (Boydell 1999)
  • Marie De Garis|De Garis, Marie, St Pierre du Bois - the Story of a Guernsey parish and its people
  • Wyllie, Dave (ed), The Vale - 800 Years of a Guernsey Parish (2005)
  • Strappini, Richard, St Martins, Guernsey - a Parish History from 1204, (2005)

Jersey history

Family History


  • Rowland, Anthony (editor), Grouville, Jersey - The History of a Country Parish Millennium book, 2001
  • Blackstone, Chris and Le Quesne, Katie, St Martin, Jersey - The Story of an Island Parish Millennium Book, 1999
  • Quenault, Enid, Backhurst, Marie-Louise and Corbet, Francis, St Brelade Jersey - A reflection of parish life in St Brelade during the twentieth century and of how much it has changed Millennium book
  • Coutanche, HS and Le Feuvre, S (editors), St Lawrence - A Celebration of our Parish Millennium Book
  • Bartlett, CT, Memories of Saint Ouen

Societe Jersiaise publications


  • McLoughlin, Roy, Stewards of the Media 1999

States documents


  • Hillsdon, Sonia and Jennings, Geraint, The Mystery of the La Cotte Cave
  • Sabire, Heather, The Archaeology & Early History of the Channel Islands
  • Johnston, Peter (editor), The Archaeology of the Channel Islands
  • Jones, R and others, Past Landscapes of Jersey - Environmental changes during the last 10,000 years
  • Patten, Mark and Finlaison, Margaret, Patterns in a Prehistoric Landscape The Archaeology of St Ouen's Bay
  • Patten, Mark, Rodwell, Warwick and Finch, Olga, La Hougue Bie, Jersey Detailed history of the monument of La Hougue Bie covering social, cultural and religious changes of 6000 years of Jersey History


  • Ogier, Darryl, Reformation and Society in Guernsey, (Boydell 1997)
  • Adamson, Rev James, The Presbyterian Church in Jersey 1850-2004
  • Chapman, David, Chapel and Swastika The story of how Methodism fared in the Channel Islands during the German Occupation
  • Bellows, Tony, Channel Island Witchcraft: A Critical Survey 2009

The Sea

  • McLoughlin, Roy, The Sea was their Fortune - Maritime History of the Channel Islands
  • Davis, William, The Harbour that Failed Story of St Catherine's Breakwater
  • Ovenden, John and Shayer, David, Shipwrecks of the Channel Islands 22 disasters from Roman to modern times
  • Podger, Alec, Jersey : That Nest of Vypers A collection of 20 essays - the fruit of a lifetime's study of Jersey's history - with special reference to matters maritime
  • Tessier-Yandell, John, HMS Jersey Stories of various ships bearing the name HMS Jersey
  • Williams, Caroline, From Sail to Steam Studies in the 19th Century History of the Channel Islands
  • Le Scelleur, Kevin, Channel Islands' Railway Steamers

World War 1

  • Parks, Edwin Major, Diex Aix: God Help Us: The Guernseymen who marched away 1914-1918, (Guernsey Museums 1992)
  • Ronayne, Ian, Ours': The Jersey Pals in the First World War 2009

World War 2

  • Le Ruez, Nan, Jersey Occupation Diary: Her Story of the German Occupation,1940-45 2003
  • Maugham, RCF Jersey Under The Jackboot 1946
  • Forty, George Channel Islands at War - A German perspective of the Occupation of the Channel Islands during the Second World War
  • Sanders, Paul' The Ultimate Sacrifice Islanders who died in German prisons and concentrations camps during the Occupation
  • Vibert, Winter, Tin Foot Soldier - The true story of a Jerseyman enlisting in the battered British Army during the aftermath of Dunkirk
  • Cohen, Frederick, The Jews in the CI's during the German Occupation 1940-1945
  • Cortvreind, V.V., Isolated Island
  • Cruickshank, Charles, The German Occupation of the Channel Islands, (1975)
  • Durand, Ralph, Guernsey Under German Rule, (Guernsey Society 1946)
  • Sauvary, JC, Diary of the German Occupation of Guernsey 1940-1945
  • Sinel, Leslie, Diary of the German Occupation of Jersey 1940-1945
  • Winterflood, Herbert, Occupied Guernsey 1943 - 1945
  • Wood, Alan and Mary, Islands in Danger
  • Ginns, Michael and Costard, M, The Organisation Todt and the Fortress Engineers in the Channel Islands
  • Hillsdon, Sonia and Jennings, Geraint, German Soldiers in Jersey A children's book
  • Sanders, Paul, The British CI's under German Occupation 1940-1945
  • Weithley, Richard, So It Was - One Man's Story of the German Occupation from boyhood to manhood 1940 -1945
  • Carr, Gillian, Occupied Behind Barbed Wire The story of how 2,200 Channel Islanders were forcibly deported to German civilian internment camps
  • Keiller, Frank, Prison Without Bars Living in Jersey under the German Occupation
  • Le Tissier, Richard, Mined Where You Walk Life in Sark during the war years
  • Read, Brian Ahier, No Cause for Panic An account of the evacuation and exile of British residents from the Channel Islands
  • Lamerton, Mark, Liberated by Force 135 An account of the Liberation of the Channel Islands after World War 2
  • McLoughlin, Roy, Living with the Enemy - What Really Happened The story of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, with eye-witness accounts from both sides
  • Le Ruez, Nan, Jersey Occupation Diary

Extended bibliography

An extensive bibliography of Jersey was published on his website in 2007 by Richard Hemery The bibliography

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