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Boucault family page


Flower grower Jean Louis Boucault

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Origins of surname

We have no information on the derivation of this French surname, which came to Jersey from Brittany. However, it is likely that, as with other surnames starting Bouc-, the derivation is from the French bourg-, ultimately from the Germanic buk-, signifying someone living in a fortified area.

However, if the name is a true variant of Boucaud, it could also signify someone living in or near a little wood.

Early records

Jean Louis Boucault, from Lantic, France, and married to Marie Francoise, arrived in Jersey around 1900 and had five children. (See tree below). His brother also settled in Jersey and there are descendants of both branches of the family in Jersey today.

Lantic is part of the commune of Ploeuc-sur-Lie in the department of Cotes d'Armor in north Brittany, from where a significant number of today's Jersey families came as seasonal farmworkers in the second half of the 19th century.


  • Boucault
  • Boucaud
  • Boucoult

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