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Bouton family page

Although everything points to this name being of French origin, the St Helier baptism register clearly shows William Bouton, husband of Magdelaine Faultrat, whose five children were baptised in the parish between 1654 and 1666, as of English origin


The record of the marriage of Elizabeth Bouton to Jean Le Tourneur in St Helier in 1679

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Origins of surname

This name is found throughout France and most researchers believe that it has its origins in the Germanic personal name Boto, from bod = 'messenger'. However, it is also thought possible that it comes from bouton French for button, either indicating a button merchant or someone with boutons sur le visage, which translates as 'spots on the face'.

Early records

The name first appears in the St Helier baptism register in the mid 1650s.


  • Bouton

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