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Bowden family page

This family arrived in Jersey from England in the 1830s. Baptism and marriage records suggest that several unrelated Bowden households were established within a short time of each other.


The record of the burial of James Bowden in St Helier in 1802

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Origins of surname

There are a number of suggested origins for this name, which can be traced in a variety of spellings back to the Domesday Book of 1086. All have roughly the same meaning, describing somebody who lived on top of a hill. The various suggested derivations include the old English bufan dune = 'above the hill'; boga = 'arched' and dun = 'hill; 'Buga's hill'; and the Gaelic both an duin, also meaning 'house on the hill'.

Early records

John Bowden from Southampton married Elizabeth Carre at St Helier in 1825, and two years later William Bowden, from Cornwall, married Elizabeth Ward from Hampshire, also in St Helier. Another John Bowden and his wife Rebecca had a son baptised in St Helier in 1828, followed by children of William and Elizabeth.


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