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Historic Jersey buildings

Bradford Farm, St Peter


This property is on the corner of Route de Beaumont on the edge of St Peter's Village

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Property name

Bradford Farm

Original name

Brasdefer [1]


Junction of Route de Beaumont and Rue des Vignes, St Peter

Type of property

18th century farmstead

Families associated with the property

  • Le Feuvre, living here in the 17th century and perhaps in part of the 16th century
  • Le Maistre, shown on 18th century datestone
  • Le Brocq, living at the property in 1941 [2]
  • Richardson, possibly inherited property from the above Le Brocq family


NLM MLB 1702 [3] - For Nicolas Le Maistre and Marie Le Brocq, who married in St Peter in 1697 [4]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Early 18th century farm range retaining external historic character and streetscape value. This building is shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. Farmhouse with outbuilding adjoining to east.

Old Jersey Houses

Despite its very early 18th century origins, this property does not feature in either volume of the book.

Notes and references

  1. One of two properties so-named, after the ancient, long-extinct, family of that surname. The other is in Trinity. In the mid-20th century it was decided to anglicise the St Peter one, to `Bradford`!
  2. John James, Mary Elizabeth, nee Rive, and their daughter Freda Maud
  3. The N is inverted and joined to the L in the first name and the L is joined to the M in the second. Nicolas Le Metre (Maistre) and Marie Le Brocq. Under removed render on the front of the house
  4. We have not been able to place Nicolas and Marie in any of our existing family trees. There is no record of any baptisms of their children, but it is possible that the Nicolas Le Maistre who married Elizabeth Le Brocq in St Peter in 1723 was their son
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