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Bras-de-Fer family page

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Origin of Surname

  • The name Brasdefer is recorded in the Extente of 1374. It means arm of iron, and though this famous old Jersey family is now extinct, we have still Ferbrache whose name means exactly the same.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

Although this family has long been extinct, it at one time enjoyed a high position in the island. In the Extente of 1331, Guille or William Bras-de-Fer is mentioned as holding the Fief des Augres, in Trinity parish, in right of his wife; this fief owed the same homage to the crown as that of Rozel. This Guille Bras-de-Fer is the Seigneur des Augres mentioned by the chronicler as having been slain in the retaking of Guernsey from the French in 1338. Thomas Bras-de-Fer, a son or grandson of the above, was Bailly of Jersey in 1378, and another member of the same family, Geoffroy Bras-de-Fer, filled the same office in 1396.


  • Brasdefer

Family properties

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