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Briard family page


First World War hero Ernest Victor Briard

If you can help with information about the Briard family, please contact, using Jerripedia as the subject of your email. We are particularly interested in information which will help create further family trees, family histories and photographs

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Origin of surname

Briard has its origins in France and indicates a person who came from Brie. The name is still present in Normandy today.

Early records

The surname Briard was first recorded in Jersey in the Assizes Roll of 1299. One branch of the family became established in St Ouen by the early-17th century, but other branches existed at this date, mainly in St Helier. The tree below - Descendants of Thomas Briard - suggests that the St Ouen Briards are descended from the earlier St Helier family, but this is not certain.


  • Briard
  • Briart

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Family album

This painting was sent to us described as Marguerite Briard (1793-1861) (St Ouen) daughter of Philippe and Rachel Le Cornu, married Amice Le Mottée of St Ouen. However, we have discovered that the painting, although attached to Marguerite's record on several Ancestry trees, was originally posted there by a researcher who uses generic pictures from appropriate times in history to illustrate her trees. Although it is not absolutely clear, the likelihood is that this is not Marguerite, but some unknown woman who was alive at the same time. We have only included it here to warn researchers of the common, misleading, and frankly ridiculous, practice of attaching pictures to Ancestry tree profiles which have nothing to do with the person involved

Family gravestones

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