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Edwin Charles Brideaux (1887-1966)

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Origin of surname

This is a surname of French origins, although it is not found in Normandy today. There are three possible origins: The word 'bride' was originally a medieval term for a maker of bridles and horsegear, and was therefore occupational, and that seems to have been the meaning in the south and east of France. A second possible origin is a nickname which originated from a the female side of the family, a short form of the pre 7th-century female personal name Brigida, the later Brigitte. A third possible option is again occupational for a lace maker, 'bride' being an early type of lacework.

Early records

There has been one Brideaux family in Jersey. All 84 baptisms before 1842 are included in the tree below. It is not known whether the head of the tree, Pierre Brideaux, was born in Jersey, or if not, where he came from, although it was presumably France. The name is scarcely known in Brittany and Normandy today.


  • Brideaux (only this spelling is found in Jersey)
  • Brideau
  • Bridoux

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Great War service

Sons of Elie and Mary Ann, of St Ouen

  • William Elias Brideaux (1885- ) (St H), 2nd Lieutenant, North Staffordshire Regiment
  • Winter Philip Brideaux (1877- ) RQSM, King George's Own Sappers and Miners, ex-RMIJ

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