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Historic Jersey buildings

Brockagh, St Peter


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Property name



Route de Beaumont, St Peter

Type of property

19th century terrace house


In 1885 the property was sold by George Bisson to Philip Sinel Le Cras, his son-in-law, for £504.

Families associated with the property

  • Alexandre: In 1901 widow of Matthew George Alexandre (1926- ), Carterette Jane, nee Falle, was living here with servant Lydia Marett (1883- )
  • Noakes: During the German Occupation Leslie Noakes (1890- ) was living here with his wife Christine, nee Shackell (1893- ) and his mother-in-law Ada Melvina Shackell, nee Huelin [1]
  • Bisson
  • Le Cras [2]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This mid-late 19th century house retains its overall proportions and character, with historic features. It contributes to the streetscape as one of a row of historic buildings climbing the hill. Set back from road. Semi-detached two-storey, five-bay.

Notes and references

  1. Christine was still living here when her will was registered in 1965
  2. In 1915 a Partage des Héritages between Philip Augustus Le Cras, son and principal heir of Philip Sinel Le Cras and the late Elizabeth Bisson his wife of the first party and Jane Elizabeth Le Cras daughter of Philip and Elizabeth of the second party. Records the partition of the héritage of Philip and Elizabeth. 1 received a house in St Lawrence, Fief du Roi, land and rentes. 2 received Brockagh, a house called Sandy Brook, St Peter, two cottages in St Lawrence, Fief du Roi and rentes
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