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Cabdleu family page

It is uncertain whether the Cabeldu and Gabeldu families in Jersey are synonymous, variants, or just mis-spellings


A family gathering of Cabeldus and Hamons

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Origin of Surname

Little is known about the origin of this name, which has been present in Jersey since at least the early 18th century. It may be of Huguenot origin. It is assumed that Gabeldu is a variant, or even mis-spelling, but this is by no means certain. It does not help with any attempt to discover a derivation for the name(s).

One suggestion we have been given in that it is derived from Ce - Bel Du (slang for this beautiful horse ).

Early records

The first appearance of the name in Jersey records is the marriage of Guillaume Cabeldu and Catherine Le Brocq in St Mary in 1763. Guillaume is shown as 'of St Mary' in the register, but there is no record of his birth or baptism in the island. The first baptisms are those of the couple's children. A small number of Gabeldu records date from the 1840s onwards.


  • Cabeldu
  • Cabeldue
  • Cabelduc
  • Capelduc
  • Gabeldu

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Notable family members

Alfred Cabeldu ran the Fort d'Auvergne Hotel at Havre des Pas from 1930 until after the Second World War.

Alfred's son Malcolm and friends strolling along the promenade at Havre des pas in 1939, shortly before he enlisted in the Army

Family gravestones

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