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Cabot family page

With records dating back to the 13th century, this is one of Jersey's longest established families


J E Cabot making cider in 1913

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Origin of Surname

Historian the Rev George Balleine records that the Cabot is a small fish that seems all head (It gets its name from the Latin, caput, a head). ‘So probably the first Mons Cabot's head seemed too large for his body’.

But 'cabot' was also a measure of cereals still in use in the 19th century and the name may have been given to someone who did the measuring.

Early records

The name first occurs in Jersey in the Extente of 1274 and three Cabots are found in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550

The baptism of Colin Cabot was recorded in Trinity in 1464.

The name is particularly common in the records of Trinity and St Martin, in the north-east of Jersey, over 800 of the island total of 1200-plus baptisms and births in our database being found in the registers of those parishes.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

The eldest branch of this family, which formerly held much landed property in the parish of Trinity, emigrated to America, in the person of George Cabot, so early as 1680

The Hon George Cabot, one of the descendants of the first colonist of this name, was a man of influence and position in Boston in the first quarter of the present century. By some it is imagined that this is a branch of the celebrated family of Chabot, which figures conspicuously in the medieval history of France, where its members held many high offices of state ; but by others, that it is identical with the family of Cabot, of Normandy.

Family tradition gives to this house the honour of numbering among its members the celebrated circumnavigator Sebastian Cabot, who was the son of John, of that name, and born in the city of Bristol.


As borne by the Cabots of America: Or, three chabots, haurient, gules

Crest : An escallop, or

Family records


Family trees

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Miss Cabot photographed by Ernest Baudoux


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Threshing on the Cabot farm in St Martin in 1954

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