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Caledonia in 1881

The Caledonia, an iron single screw steamer built by Cunliffe and Dunlop at Port Glasgow in 1876, of 355 tons, speed 14 knots, started life as Hogarth and was purchased by the London and South Western Railway Company in 1878, chiefly for the St Malo trade, but while ss Fannie was being repaired, Caledonia ran to the Channel Islands.

On a voyage from Southampton to the Channel Islands on 19 February 1881, Caledonia struck the Oyster rock just outside of St Helier harbour and sank. All passengers and crew were saved. The mails were salvaged and taken to the Jersey General Post Office, where they were dried out and delivered the following day, Sunday.

Caledonia was sold to Gautier de Ste Croix for £140 and he salvaged her boiler and engine on 11 July 1881.

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