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Historic Jersey buildings

Cambrai, Trinity


Described in Old Jersey Houses as a 'neat little house' this Trinity property is much more substantial than suggested

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Property name


Other names

Cambrai Farm [1]


Rue de Cambrai, Trinity

Type of property

Country house with 15th century origins


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property


  • 1882 - Philip John Le Vesconte inherited from Jean Howard [2]
  • Philip John Laurens Le Vesconte (1884-1956) inherited from Philip John Le Vesconte
  • 1956 - Henrietta Maud Hocquard, nee Jeune, [3]inherited from her cousin Philip John Laurens Le Vesconte
  • 1979 - Henrietta Hocquard sold the property


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This house, with circa 15th century origins, has many historic features remaining externally and internally. It retains its historic proportions and fine stonework. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Retains its tourelle stair and corbelled fireplace

Old Jersey Houses

Its age should have secured this house a mention in Volume 1, but it just creeps into the second volume, described as a 'neat little house' which 'does not at first suggest great age'. Having said this, the author makes no attempt to suggest what age the house might be. One wonders whether she was writing about the correct property because, as the photograph above shows, it hardly qualifies as a 'little house'.

"As a central chimney indicates a stone wall to support it, this must have been in origin a more important house than its size suggests."

Notes and references

  1. There are a number of properties in Rue de Cambrai sharing the name of the road - Cambrai Farm, Cambrai Cottages, Chateau de Cambrai, Petite Cambrai, Maison Cambrai, Cambrai Lodge. It has become apparent that two different properties have listed building status and that Cambrai Farm is a separate property. A new page is in the course of preparation
  2. Philip was married to Marie Howard, daughter of Thomas. It is not clear what relationship Jean was to her
  3. Daughter of Francis Adolphus Jeune and Henrietta Jane, nee Le Vesconte
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