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Carenduff family page


Record of the marriage of garrison soldier William Carenduff and Elizabeth Durand in St Martin in 1767

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Origins of surname

This name, said to originate in the north-west of England, is found with several spelling variations. In Jersey the original immigrant to the island is found in the St Helier baptism register as Carndouff, and the marriage register as Carenduff. We have used the latter spelling, as submitted to us with the family tree below.

The only reference we have found to the derivation of the name uses the spelling Carnduff, said to be a rare surname of Scots-Gaelic origin, and a locational name from the lands of Carnduff in the old lordship of Avondale, in Lanarkshire. The placename derives from the Gaelic elements carn, a cairn, which was a pile of stones raised as a boundary marker or a memorial, and dubh, black; hence the 'black cairn'.

The name is found in several variations in Scottish records, including Carnduff and Carneduff. Scottish settlers of the name gave their name to a town in south-eastern Saskatchewan, Canada. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Cornduf.

Early records

William Carenduff, a soldier in the 40th Regiment of Foot, served in the Jersey garrison and while in the island married Elizabeth Durand in 1761. They had four children. William married again to Elizabeth Le Gresley in 1778, and they had one son.


  • Carenduff
  • Carnduff
  • Carndouff
  • Cornduf
  • Carneduff

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