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Carteret Farm


Carteret (or Carteret Farm) is not in Rue Jutize, Grouville, as sometimes suggested, but opposite the junction on the other side of Rue de Grouville. It belonged originally to the senior branch of the Jutize family. They were a prominent family in the parish and there were Jutize Constables in the 16th and 17th centuries, father and son Martin (15 years service) and Edouard (21 years service). When Edouard died, the property passed to his daughter Marie, who married Helier de Carteret, son of Francois, and the property took the family name.

Helier's ancestry can be traced back through the Vinchelez de Haut branch of the de Carteret family to the earliest de Carterets but it has not been possible to trace the line from Helier down to George de Carteret ( -1761), who was the last member of the family to own Carteret Farm. He was elected Constable of Grouville in 1760, but died the following year without children, and the farm passed to Jacques Filleul, son of his elder sister Judith de Carteret (1698-1761), who married another Jacques Filleul in 1719

George de Carteret,was the first husband of Jeanne Suzanne Patriarche ( -1776), and was probably great-grandson of Helier de Carteret and Marie Jutize.

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