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Chandler family page

A number of different, apparently unrelated, Chandler families became established in Jersey during the first half of the 19th century


John Chandler was baptised in St Brelade in 1827, as this church register extract shows

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Origins of surname

This was a name for a maker or seller of candles. The derivation is from the Middle English cha(u)ndeler, ultimately from the French chandelier and Latin candelarius, a derivative of candela = a candle. The name may also have referred to someone who was responsible for the lighting of a large house. Anotgher possible derivation is for somone who owed rent in the form of wax or candles.

Early records

The earliest Jersey record is of the marriage of Jean Chandler and Marie Le Feuvre at St Helier in 1764. Their two daughters Anne and Marie were baptised in the following two years.

A number of Chandler soldiers were married in Jersey in the 19th century.


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