Chestnut Farm, Ouaisne

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Chestnut Farm, Ouaisne
Chestnut Farm, Ouaisne

Apart from noting that the arch to this property is an unusual triple one, with a pedestrian arch which was probably added on to the original vehicle access, Joan Stevens has little to say about this attractive Ouaisne farmhouse in Volume One of Old Jersey Houses.

A number of inscribed stones give little clue to early occupants of the house.

Mrs Stevens believed that the keystone inscribed 1698 probably came from elsewhere on the property and notes that part of the house are probably older.

In the second volume of her study of Jersey houses Mrs Stevens refers to a stone step in the garden with -R ♥ MN 1740 inscribed, and a lintel over the back door with the date 1716, and the wife's initials ILM, but those of the husband obscured.

The Jersey datestone index records a stone on a barn inscribed ILG 1649, or possibly ILC. It also disagrees over the back door lintel, suggesting that the stone reads 16 ILM- I-, making the ILM the husband's initials and the date much earlier.

But there the mystery of the previous occupants remains. All that is known is that on the Godfray map the occupier was P Martin.

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